Hello, friends! We have some exciting news to share with you. After no dine-in is allowed for more than one month, dine-in is now allowed starting from 21st June 2021. Initially, dine-in was set to start again on the 14th June 2021, but there was a slight delay due to ensure that the community cases does not increase again. Here are all the details that you will need to know!

Dine-In Is Allowed From 21st June 2021 Onwards

Based on the press statement by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on 18th June 2021, dining-in will be allowed again as part of the reopening plans. However, instead of five people per group as it was initially announced, it is now reduced to two people per group. Based on the statement, it read, “F&B establishments will be able to resume dining-in from 21 June 2021 in group sizes of up to two persons”.

Additionally, it was added that two people from different household is not allowed to dine-in together at the moment, even if they are split across multiple tables. In other words, we are safe to dine-in with people within the same households, but we are not allowed to dine-in with people from other households. Should there be more than two people in the same household dining together, it is a must to sit separately, with one table capped at two.


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F&B establishments are not allowed to play recorded music lately to ensure that patrons do not talk loudly. This is an additional restriction on top of videos, television screening, and live entertainment in F&B establishments. Staff working in F&B establishments are required to undergo regular Fast & Easy Tests (FET). A 14-day FET requirement will be required by the middle of July 2021.


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These tests will be conducted via self-swabs, with supervision by employers. Training programs will be provided by MOH at no costs for the next three months. Furthermore, these self-swab kits will be made available for employers, too. With that said, we are looking forward to the reopening! Remember to keep a safe distance among other patrons, and put your masks on at all times except when you’re eating and drinking!

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