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Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian at Upper Boon Keng 

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - flat lay

A direct translation of “xiao mian” from the shop’s name, Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian, means “small noodles”. The phrase refers to providing sustenance in the form of a small and simple meal, which is what the stall at Upper Boon Keng Market And Food Centre aims to provide its customers. 

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - owner at storefront

From Jiangsu province in China, the owner fell in love with Chongqing noodles on a tour around the West side of his home country. Finding the dish unforgettable, he opened his own store in Singapore to serve up his renditions of the noodle dish.

Food at Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - mala noodle

Chongqing is the birthplace of mala and that makes it unforgivable not to order Chongqing Mala Noodle ($3.50) at this store. The level of spice is between zhong la and da la, and this bowl of noodles numbed out my taste buds. For those who find pleasure in such pain, the owner is very accommodating to increase the spice levels for you.

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - mala noodle pull

The thin wheat noodles are meant to feel smooth in the mouth. Every bite bore spicy, numbing flavours of peppercorn and chilli oil, the combination of which proved sadistically addictive. It eventually proved to be a lethal combination. Slurping the mala noodles became too mouth-watering, and doing it too fast might leave you begging for a drink.

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - mala noodle vegetable close up

The original Chongqing mala noodles is actually a vegetarian dish and this version was no exception. It came with generous servings of greens, which can be mixed into the noodles for an added crunch.

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - minced meat noodle

Fun fact: Jjajangmyeon might be widely eaten in Korea, but is actually heavily influenced by the Chinese dish, zhajiangmian. I gave the OG a try in the form of the store’s Minced Meat Noodles ($4.50).

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - spoonful of minced meat

The meat was sweet and not characteristically Chongqing-style, but it went well with the dish and in fact, mellowed out the same chilli oil mix that came along with all of the dishes at this stall. I supposed it was intentional on the chef’s part to adapt the topping for the Singaporean palette. 

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - micned meat noodle pull

Every slurp of noodles carried with it delicious minced meat, finished with a tongue-tingling sensation.

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - beef noodle

At $4.50, this bowl of Beef Noodles came across as much more affordable than usual. Arriving dressed in the deep, bold, red of Sichuan sauce, the bowl of noodles looked menacing.

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - spoonful of beef

The meat was flavourful and tender, made possible by two key steps during its preparation. First, beer was added to break down the beef fibres, tenderising the meat. Then, it is left in the fridge overnight to marinate in a stock. 

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - beef noodle (2)

The thin noodles did not hold up well in the soup, so do eat it quickly before they turn soggy. As addictively savoury as the broth is, be careful of the afterburn. 

Ambience at Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian

Da Shao Chon Qing Xiao Mian - ambience

Located at a six-minute walk from Kallang MRT Station, Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian is located near the new prawn noodle stall,. HeyMe. The food centre attracts a steady lunch crowd from the offices nearby. Do come here early or you might not be able to find a seat within the food centre.

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The verdict

Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian - verdict

The owner makes everything from scratch himself, crafting good, honest bowls of Chinese noodles that serve their purpose of filling your stomach. While everything tasted good, it might be too plain for some. After all, Chongqing noodles are supposed to be a simple dish for simple folk.

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Address: 17 Upper Boon Keng Road, #01-81, Upper Boon Keng Market and Food Centre, Singapore 380017
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 10:30am to 8pm
Tel: 9424 3633
Da Shao Chong Qing Xiao Mian is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Darren Tien.
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