Creamier x Frying Fish Club has fish and waffles in East Coast

Creamier, a popular ice cream store with six branches across Singapore, now serves hot food in their East Coast outlet! They have collaborated with Frying Fish Club, a restaurant specialising in Japanese-style fish and chips, to come up with outlet-exclusive savoury dishes and alcoholic pairings.

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Their Fried Fish & Creamier Golden Waffles ($23.50) is one such special offering. This is a twist on the usual chicken and waffles, where fried chicken is replaced with Frying Fish Club’s speciality fried fish drizzled in sweet Thai chilli sauce. When we tried it, we found the sweet-spicy sauce to complement Creamier’s signature waffles well.

You can get their regular fish and chips too. Unlike the conventional British fare which uses cod, Frying Fish Club uses shiro maguro AKA white tuna. The fish is fried in a tempura-style batter, giving it an extra crispy texture. The Nori ($19.50) flavour featured two pieces of fried fish seasoned in seaweed furikake, which gave it an extra umami flavour.

If you prefer the conventional combination, their Fried Chicken & Creamier Golden Waffles ($22.50) is another outlet-exclusive dish you must try. This one sees fried chicken in the same golden brown batter, then covered with a sweet radish mayonnaise and seaweed flakes.

Other than food, there are new drinks on the menu too! Their Bored & Boozy Salted Plum ($14 a pint) is a draft beer from a local brand named Brewlander. This one was super refreshing and smooth. Plus, it paired well with all the fried food we were eating.

For those who don’t drink, the collab also has Japanese soda floats such as the Kyoho Grape ($9.50). This pretty drink is made with soda and house-made grape syrup, then topped with Creamier’s vanilla ice cream and a cherry as the finishing touch.

You can also end your meal with their famous ice cream! The current seasonal flavours include Peach Fuzz and Milk Coffee With Hazelnut Biscotti, both priced at $5.90 a scoop. The former has a nice tang that refreshes the palate, while the latter comes with smooth ice cream, Biscoff bits, and crushed hazelnuts.

FYI, the cafe is pet-friendly, and they offer a variety of pup cup flavours too! So bring your furry friends to enjoy some ice cream in this relentless heat.

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Address: 226 East Coast Road, Singapore 428923
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12pm to 10pm
Creamier is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Maisie Chong.
This was a media tasting at Creamier.

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