A fan of ice cream? A fan of bubble tea? Cornetto is now selling their new Brown Sugar Bubble Cheese Ice Cream at FairPrice to satisfy both your cravings!

Cornetto’s Newest Bubble Tea Ice Cream

Photo: Redmart (Lazada)
Photo: @kaiau_bakery (Instagram)
Photo:@gohanhiwwonpai (Instagram)

The Cornetto cone comes with a smooth layer of milk filled with a generous amount of boba pearls and has a brown sugar syrup core. There are also cheese cookie balls on top to give it the extra cheesy and savoury flavour and for added crunch.

Photo:@gohanhiwwonpai (Instagram)
Photo:@gohanhiwwonpai (Instagram)

Special Promotion: 2 Boxes For $9.75 Till End Of The Month

Each box is sold at $6.70 which comes with 3 individually- wrapped cones. There is also a special promotion for 2 boxes for $9.75 from now till the end of the month. That’s a steal!

If you want it without having to buy the whole box, you can get the individual cones at $2.60 at Cheers or FairPrice Xpress. Grab yours now!

Cover Photo: @kaiau_bakery (Instagram), @gohanhiwwonpai (Instagram)

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