While some of us can agree that going to a fancy restaurant is a wonderful treat – simple things in life are equally enjoyable, too. Simplicity takes in many forms, and meat on a bed of fluffy rice is certainly one of them. If you are looking for a classic dish in food centers, you should never miss out on chicken, roasted pork, and char siew rice. Let’s take a drive to Golden Mile Food Court for this one!

Crunchy Roasted Pork & Beautifully Caramelised Char Siew


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Creating a plate of roasted pork or char siew rice can be pretty straightforward, but the execution must be precise to create a memorable one. Choon Kee Roasted Delights has been around for many years, and it was previously stationed in Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 before calling Golden Mile Food Court its home. Choon Kee Roasted Delights is notable for its roasted pork and char siew.


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Affordably priced at $4 per plate, Choon Kee Roasted Delights did not fall short for its amount of meat per plate. Many loved the fact that the meat and rice ratio are equally proportionate. When you sink your teeth into the roasted pork, expect a delightful crunch from its skin. However, the meat is tender and lean. Coupled together with the flavourful and tender char siew, you bet that you will have a great time eating this.


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The char siew is beautifully caramelised, and it tastes great when it is paired with roasted pork and rice. Apart from these two showstoppers, Choon Kee Roasted Delights also offer roasted chicken. While all of these types of meat are solo stars on their own, they make the perfect melody when it is paired together. What will you be ordering from here? It’s so hard to choose.

Choon Kee At Golden Mile Food Court

Address: Golden Mile Food Centre #01-74, 505 Beach Rd, Singapore 199583

Operating Hours: Daily except for Sunday, 10:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

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Cover Photo: @jiak.gao.song (Instagram), aenbiarshystpp (Instagram).

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