There is that “Shake Shack” effect. When some years ago, burgers in Singapore would generally mean fast food or gourmet restaurants, and few in between.

Fast-casual burger specialty restaurants such as Omakase Burger were few and far beween back then, but we have seen the likes of Five Guys, 8ASH, The Corner Grill, BurgerLabo, The Goodburger, and Zipp Burger And Pasta getting a slice of the pie. And the profile (and prices) of burgers have gone up.

Enter Carne Burger at Amoy Street with a glorious backing.

It is conceptualised by Mauro Colagreco of 3-star Michelin Mirazur. He is the Italian-Argentine chef who is ranked 1st in the world according to the ranking World 50 Best Restaurants 2019. The brand is in collaboration with the Il Lido Group.

Accordingly, he has perfected the ideal burger made from premium quality ingredients – 100% grass-fed meat from Argentina, 100% organic vegetables, and cage-free eggs.

There was no way I escaped Instagram scrolling last week without seeing someone gushing over it, and so I visited.

The restaurant had the usual upbeat music, lively vibes and open kitchen concept – kind of reminded me of a more stylish and less noisy Five Guys. Opps.

You order at the counter, take a beeping device, and wait say about 10 to 15 minutes.

However, the restaurant was not as packed as I would have expected from all the publicity it has received. Would price point be that factor?

On its menu are the Classic Burger ($19.50), Complete Burger ($28), Junior Cheeseburger ($13), Grilled Beef and Mushroom Burger ($24) and Veggie Burger ($16). Wait, $28?

Those exclusive to the Singapore market for now are the Beef and Chimichurri Burger ($24) and Crispy Chicken Burger ($18).

The recommended Classic Burger ($19.50) included natural grass-fed beef, local oak lettuce, organic tomato, organic red onion in a butter bun.

Reading the ingredients list already made me feel this would be more environmentally-conscious and perhaps healthy.

The moment of truth. I first noted how soggy the burger was, so consuming would almost definitely be a messy affair.

It was a densely packed, moderately succulent patty, though it didn’t blow me in the World’s-Number-1-restaurant kind of way.

There was something about the burger buns which I didn’t feel gel very well with the rest of the components.

The Crispy Chicken Burger ($18) probably had the crunchiest batter I had of late. I wondered a little if it was over-fried, as the poussin chicken thigh meat ended up on the dry side.

So much so that I wished there was more of that organic greek yogurt dressing.

The Triple cooked Agria Fries – steamed, fried (low-temperature), then deep-fried again, were thick-cut and wedges-like.

These would please those who love to taste the softness of real potatoes.

Despite reading of all the wonderful reviews about those fries, I then wondered if it was consistency issue as my batch could be much more crisp on the exterior.

Overall, a not bad experience, though I was expecting to be blown away. Not yet.

Carne Burger
88 Amoy Street Singapore 069907
Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm, Last Order 10:45pm (Mon – Sun

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