Burger Bench & Bar (BBB) may have closed 10 years ago at Orchard Cineleisure, but it has made its return.

“Bench & Bar” is often related to judiciary and legal matters, and the name is because Chef Willin Low is an ex-lawyer.

Many guests have asked Chef Willin to bring it back, and this burger brand is now resurrected as a delivery-only pop-up via Oddle Eats https://burgerbenchbar.oddle.me.

They may consider making it permanent depending on response.

BBB is operating out from Relish / Roketto Izakaya at Frasers Tower. (Do support their next door neighbours Kure Menya when you are there.)

Chef Willin mentioned this whole experience of dealing with COVID-19 changes in the F&B industry and pivoting to various concepts and menus was ”akin to opening four restaurants in a year”.

There are 4 burgers right now (3 beef + 1 chicken), with Sarawak Black Pepper Cheeseburger ($16.90), Japanese Curry Torikatsu Burger ($16.90), Caramelised Onions Cheeseburger ($16.90), and Sauté Mushrooms Cheeseburger ($16.90).

All the juicy patties you bite into are made by hand, while sauces are cooked with only the freshest ingredients.

My personal favourite is the Sarawak Black Pepper Cheeseburger ($16.90) comprising of handmade beef patty, Sarawak black pepper sauce, Bombay red onions and melted cheddar cheese.

Apparently, Chef Willin was experimenting with a thick black pepper sauce for another crab dish, and thought this worked great with the cheese burger. Fresh cut red onions were subsequently added for that bolt of refreshing flavour.

As to why Sarawak peppers, known for its concentrated flavour which results in a hot and pure bite, another chef who is also from Sarawak insisted on using it.

When I first had the first mouthful, I thought it tasted really familiar… it was like… Prosperity Burger!

Apparently, Chef Willin has yet to experience the famous McDonald’s seasonal burger. I thought that while Prosperity Burger was saucier (almost like an oyster sauce), this had that punch.

As for the Japanese Curry Torikatsu Burger ($16.90) with breaded boneless chicken drumstick, the chicken piece was very succulent with a juicy mouthfeel.

However, I thought the curry component could have tasted closer to a Japanese curry. I wonder if adding some components of potatoes and sweet carrots would help.

So far, the sets have been selling quite well, and Chef Willin said it was encouraging for the team. Recommended is the Set Menu B ($46.10) with choice of any 2 burgers, 1 French Fries and 4 pieces of Har Jeong Chicken Wings.

The batter of the wings is developed deliberately for delivery so that they stay crunchy.

It’s true. My fingers stayed almost oil-free while the inside had the distinct prawn paste flavour. They should keep this permanent on the menu.

Burger Bench & Bar
182 Cecil Street Frasers Tower, #02-12/13, Singapore 069547
Tel: +65 6904 5458
Opening Hours: 11:45am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)
Delivery: https://burgerbenchbar.oddle.me

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