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boulangerie asanoya matcha bread - matcha lava cube intro
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Matcha enthusiasts will be keen to know about the new matcha bread collection at Boulangerie Asanoya, which span croissants, anpan, doughnuts, and even lava cubes. These are all handcrafted and freshly baked using premium ingredients, without any preservatives.

boulangerie asanoya matcha bread - matcha lava cube
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Out of the items available in this collection, I’m sure most are excited about the Matcha Lava Cube ($4.20). Cut into the thick square of bread to reveal a luscious matcha ganache, made with Uji matcha from Kyoto. These matcha lava cubes also come topped with green tea and snow powder.

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There’s also the Matcha Azuki Croissant ($3.50), which sees a buttery croissant enwrapping red bean paste, then topped with matcha, snow powder, and almonds. Otherwise, go for the Matcha Donuts ($3.20), which are said to be soft and fluffy, stuffed with matcha ganache.

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The last of this new matcha bread series at Boulangerie Asanoya is the Matcha Cheese An Pan ($3.50). Anpan is essentially a Japanese red bean bun, and this Matcha Cheese An Pan elevates that with its use of matcha bread as well as cheddar cheese filling.

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Asanoya’s bakes are available for delivery or self pick up on GrabFood. Otherwise, you can opt for takeaway at any one of their three outlets. 

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