Milo Dinosaur cream puffs at Baristart Coffee

Baristart Coffee, a Hokkaido-based concept cafe, known for their exceptional Hokkaido milk, is celebrating this National Day by launching an exclusive item—Milo Dinosaur cream puffs. Priced at $6+ each, these puffs will only be up for grabs from 9 to 31 August, and can be found at both their Tras Street and Sentosa outlets. As there is a limited number of puffs churned out daily, each customer is limited to only one puff per order. 

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You might want to get your cameras ready before you dig into this cream puff, as it will definitely be a sight! Cutting beyond the Milo powder-dusted exterior, you will be delighted to find a lava-like Milo custard filling. As with all Baristart cream puffs, the custard in this Milo Dinosaur cream puff is made with Hokkaido Biei jersey milk to divinely creamy ends.

Baristart cream puff

If you are unable to get your hands on their Milo Dinosaur cream puffs, fret not, as their original Cream Puff ($6+ for one, $16.50+ for three) is just as good, if not better, if you want to enjoy the unadulterated taste of the cream filling. After all, this is one of the crowd favourites at Baristart, perfect for an afternoon snack.

Baristart soft serve
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Still available on their menu is a selection of soft-serve ice creams, also made from Hokkaido milk. Baristart Coffee only specialises in two flavours—milk, and coffee, which you can either have in a cone or a cup ($6.50+ for one, $10+ for two). If you can’t decide between coffee or milk, simply opt for their Coffee & Milk Softcream, and enjoy the best of both worlds. 

shaved ice bear

If soft serve isn’t your cup of tea, try something light and refreshing with their Shiro Kuma Shaved Ice ($9.80+). This IG-worthy shaved ice bear includes a variety of summer fruits, topped with Hokkaido milk shaved ice, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and syrup of your choice. 

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