Many people will be familiar with Aroma Truffle, known as the “World’s Strongest Truffle Brand” for their truffle chips. Whether you like their chips or not is another story.

They have actually opened a café. Will they sell chips? Will there be truffle coffee?

Focusing on exploring the aromatic smell, the folks behind Aroma Truffle has started another brand – Aroma Coffee, located right in front of the escalator at Northpoint City.

As a takeaway kiosk decked in wooden elements and a white interior, Aroma Coffee gives off a similar vibe and clean-cut branding as perhaps Blue Bottle Coffee, a popular specialty coffee joint and roastery.

Check out the under-the-counter Modbar espresso machine which is sleek and futuristic, keeping the coffee counter clean and tidy.

Using specialty grade coffee beans sourced from different parts of the world, a single origin from Ethiopia (changes on a rotational basis) is used for their espresso-based drinks.

A 2-beans-blend from Brazil and Sumatra is used for their Spreeze (Hot $5.50, Iced $5.90).

Spreeze, aka “Yuan Yang” is a combination of both specialty single origin coffee and artisanal cold brew tea steeped for 4 hours, something exclusive to Aroma Coffee.

Available in 6 different flavours, their Spreeze comes in interesting options such as Summer Blossom, Perky Peppermint, Vineyard Peach, Dirty Earl, Crème Caramel and Mellow Mellon.

My favourite was the Iced Dirty Earl Spreeze ($5.90), smooth and aromatic with a distinctive earl grey taste and a fuller body due to the coffee beans profile.

For a more refreshing version, the Iced Summer Blossom Spreeze ($5.90) is more fruity with a tropical touch infused with strawberry, lychee and mango.

The prices for their espresso-based drinks are considered reasonable in comparison to many new cafes, such as Black ($3.50), White ($4.50), Mocha ($4.90) and Matcha Coffee ($4.90).

Using a single origin coffee bean from Ethiopia during my time of visit, their drinks were light and fruity, with blueberry and bergamot in the aftertaste.

The Flat White ($4.50) was smooth and medium-bodied with a lighter roast, and I wished that it could be stronger and more robust.

In the meantime, alternative milk such as soy, oat and almond milk are currently unavailable.

For the non- coffee drinkers, you can also check out their Uji Matcha Latte ($4.50), Kagoshima Houjicha ($4.50), Ghana Chocolate ($4.50) and Australian Chai Latte ($4.50).

So fortunately or unfortunately, there is NO Truffle Latte.

Aroma Coffee
Northpoint City, 930 Yishun Avenue 2, #B2-151, Singapore 769098 (Near to NTUC)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.

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