Durian Crispy Pancakes sells 40 different min jiang kueh flavours

In the past few years, we’ve seen min jiang kueh (MJK) go from old-school to cool, with a fair few stalls going viral for their MJK offerings. Amidst all the buzz, Durian Crispy Pancakes has slipped under the radar, becoming a bit of an IYKYK gem in a quiet corner of a Yishun Central kopitiam.

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Run by an elderly hawker, Durian Crispy Pancakes serves a whopping 40 whole flavours of min jiang kueh, inching out already extensive menus from the likes of Munchi Pancakes and 682 Hougang Min Jiang Kueh. Naturally, not all flavours are available at any one time, but there is still plenty to choose from when you swing by for a visit.

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Prices start from just $1 for a Plain pancake, and $1.50 for more classic fillings—think Kaya, Coconut, Peanut, and Red Bean. There are also some interesting options, such as Marshmallow, or Chicken Floss, the latter priced at $2. True to their name, there’s also a seasonal Durian pancake, priced at $3.

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These flavours form the base of Durian Crispy Pancakes’ offerings. The rest of their flavours are a mix-and-match of these, think Cheese and Chocolate ($2.50), Peanut + Coconut ($2) and so forth. Some options are expected, but others can be quite far-fetched, such as Banana Cheese Peanut ($3) or Marshmallow Chicken Floss ($2.50).

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Their MJK is made fresh, with a batter that cooks to thinner and crispier ends. Fillings are generous enough, making them satisfying snacks.

If crispy pancakes aren’t your jam, the uncle also occasionally has ready-made soft pancakes you can buy instead.

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Be sure to check them out the next time you’re feeling peckish in Yishun. For more eats in the area, see our Northpoint food guide, or Chong Pang Market guide.

Address: 925 Yishun Central 1, Singapore 760925
Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 8pm

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Featured image adapted from Yan C and MC SM.

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