An An Shan Shan Seafood Soup has crayfish seafood soup near Bedok MRT Station

Often shortened to A.A.S.S. Seafood Soup, An An Shan Shan Seafood Soup has been an underrated staple of the Bedok area since 2010. Apparently, the head chef had previously worked at the famous Yan Ji Seafood Soup before eventually opening a stall of his own. 

When business took a hit during the pandemic years, he had considered shutting his stall for good. A group of young entrepreneurs were such fans of his seafood soup, however, that they offered to take ownership of the stall and its accompanying burdens just so the chef could continue serving it!

With our expectations heightened, my colleague and I headed down to Bedok to try this apparently irreplaceable recipe for ourselves. 

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Food at An An Shan Shan Seafood Soup 

The most affordable item on their menu is the Seafood Soup ($8.50/$10.50). It comprises three prawns, chunks of dory fish, and minced pork submerged in a flavourful broth. Rice is also available here as an add-on for $1

For the price, I was surprised to find that the prawns were not only large, but also incredibly fresh. The peeling process was almost effortless, and its flesh was sweet and succulent. 

The dory chunks, on the other hand, were firm, springy, and served in fairly large amounts. I didn’t find myself rationing my protein to have with my rice, which is always a plus.

The highlight, of course, was the seafood broth. It had a prominent umami flavour and a subtle creaminess that lent it a more full-bodied taste. Due to the cloudiness of the soup, my colleague and I had thought that some kind of milk was added to enhance the flavour. We were surprised, then, when one of the owners informed us that the creaminess was derived purely from simmering the prawns for long hours. 

If you’re willing to splurge, consider ordering the Crayfish Seafood Soup ($16/18), an elevated version of the Seafood Soup that comes with a whole crayfish. FYI, the $16 version features dory fish, while the $18 one upgrades it to garoupa. 

Taste-wise, this broth had a more pronounced savoury flavour than the first one. We were told that this is because of the crayfish, as it is brinier than prawns.

Like the prawns, the crayfish’s flesh came out of its shell easily. In contrast, it’s slightly more flaky than the prawns, with a texture that felt, to me, like a cross between lobster and crab. 

The garoupa was also firm and delicately sweet, with no hint of fishiness. Each slice was fairly large and thick, too, with a pleasantly bouncy layer of skin that made it all the more appetising. As someone who doesn’t usually enjoy fish skin because of its slimy texture, I was surprised to find myself devouring the slices whole, skin attached and all. 

To top it all off, An An Shan Shan has house-made chilli that is bright and tangy, and pairs nicely with the brininess of all the seafood.

Ambience at An An Shan Shan Seafood Soup 

An An Shan Shan Seafood Soup occupies a stall in a small coffee shop that’s a six-minute walk from Bedok Mall and a ten-minute walk from Bedok MRT Station. It’s nestled within an HDB estate, so it was a little difficult to locate for a Westie such as myself.

At about 11am on a Wednesday, the coffee shop was pretty empty for the entire duration of our meal. Although, I did notice that many of the diners who did drop by were there to patronise An An Shan Shan Seafood Soup. 

The verdict

Prices might seem steep for a hawker stall, but the high-quality ingredients used at An An Shan Shan Seafood Soup, in my opinion, justifies them. My only gripe is that it currently only has one location in Bedok, which is pretty far in the East. One of the owners did tell us that they are considering expanding to other parts of the island, though, so it might only become more accessible from here. 

Since you’re in the area, consider checking out Fatty Patty Burger And Grill, a burger joint helmed by young hawkers. Alternatively, head to MZW Bakery for cheap chiffon cakes with unique flavours!

Address: Block 418 Bedok North Avenue 2, #01-97, Nature Park Coffee Shop, Singapore 460418
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am to 8:30pm
Tel: 8398 7155
An An Shan Shan Seafood Soup is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Daryl Lim.
This was a media tasting at An An Shan Shan Seafood Soup.

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