Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih is a cheap breakfast cafe in Johor Bahru

I love porridge. It’s one of my comfort foods, and I don’t believe it’s solely a “sick person’s food”. If you’re on the same page as me, Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih in Johor Bahru is the ideal destination to have breakfast as they serve up Teochew porridge along with a bunch of other yummy snacks, all under RM10+/~S$2.90.

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There are a total of three branches, and we visited the one located in Mount Austin. It was slightly after 9:30am when we dropped by for breakfast, and the space was already filled with couples and families.

We soothed our empty stomachs with some Ah Ma TeoChew Porridge (RM9.90+/~S$2.80), which came with a bowl of Teochew porridge and three sides of our choice. Out of the six options, we went with Salted Egg, Preserved Vege, and Spicy & Sour Dried Shrimps

Though the side options were not plenty, the combination of porridge and salted egg alone was tasty and hearty enough to fill us up.

It’s not the healthiest choice to have fried food in the morning, but we couldn’t resist their Golden Bun Oh Ni (RM8.90+/~S$2.50). Each plate came with two deep-fried buns packed with a smooth and mildly sweet orh nee paste, and I especially enjoyed the batter here as it wasn’t overwhelmingly greasy.

Of course, we had to try the popular TeoChew Rice Kuih (RM3.50+/~S$1) as well. FYI, they sell a variety of kueh in packets at the entrance so you can dabao them back to Singapore.

The skin was soft and chewy, and I liked that it wasn’t too thick—else, it might have detracted from the savoury goodness of the glutinous rice filling.

Coffee is one of the things I look forward to every morning, and so I had to get a cup of their Dalgona Coffee (RM9.90+/~S$2.80) to try. The ratio of milk and whipped sweet coffee was great, but I would have liked it better if the consistency of the cream was smoother. 

If you prefer sticking to the traditional kopi, opt for the Ah Ma Signature Coffee (RM6.90+/~S$1.95) instead. This one boasts a rich, strong brew that becomes a tad siap, AKA astringent, after a few mouthfuls.

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Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih is not a halal-certified eatery but uses no pork or lard. 

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Photos taken by Paula Formantes and edited by Casandra Nicholas.
This was an independent visit by Eatbook.sg

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