7-Eleven Korean food

7-Eleven is broadening their instant food offerings this month. Going beyond their selection of onigiri, sandwiches, and microwaveable pasta is a brand-new line of ready-to-eat Korean food, with prices starting from just $2.90.

7-eleven korean food menu
Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

Available for a limited time only, till June 22, the items can be found at most 7-Eleven outlets islandwide.

The most wallet-friendly item is the Chicken Bulgogi Wrap ($3.50), a quick and handy pocket meal, packed with lightly spicy chicken bulgogi.

7-eleven korean food tteokbokki

Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

There is also the Tteokbokki ($3.20). You might have seen this before on 7-Eleven shelves, but they’ve since received a flavourful upgrade, intensifying the spicy gochujang sauce. The sauce also is flown in from Korea.

Get $0.50 off the tteokbokki if you purchase it with any other item in the Korean food line at 7-Eleven as well. This means you get the rice cakes for just $2.70!

Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

More substantial meal options are sold too. You could get the Bibimbap ($3.90), a rice bowl topped with spicy chicken chunks, gochujang sauce, an egg, and vegetables.

kimchi stew 7-eleven

Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

Otherwise, there are also richer stews, including the individually-portioned Army Stew ($4.50), made with chicken and all the works—instant ramyeon, mushrooms, tofu, beans, and greens. The Kimchi Jjigae ($4.50) is another to try, where you get a spicy, hearty kimchi and chicken broth with tofu, kimchi, and chicken.

korean jjajangmyeon 7-eleven

Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore

Finally, there is the Jjajangmyeon ($4.50). This is a really affordable option, even when compared to Korean hawker stalls. Here, you get your dose of springy noodles, black bean sauce, onions, and scallions, all on a microwaveable tray.

If you’ve really been craving Korean fare but don’t have a Korean eatery near you to support, you ought to try this new ready-to-eat Korean food line while it is still available. They also make for a great late-night supper option!

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