Durian season is here! As a durian enthusiast, it is compulsory to have a go-to durian outlet for all your durian cravings. Where do you go  for the best Mao Shan Wang, imported all the way from Pahang, Malaysia? Without a doubt, Royal Durian located at Jurong Gateway Road is the hidden gem for high-quality Mao Shan Wang in Singapore!

Royal Durian: A Specialty Store For Mao Shan Wang Durians

Photo: Royal Durian

Founded by four young entrepreneurs, Royal Durian is the only Mao Shan Wang durian specialty store with more than 200 five-star ratings from Google. Bringing joy to Singaporeans the business insists on only using great quality Mao Shan Wang and has a strict quality check in place. Durians that do not meet their standards are discarded.

Guaranteed Satisfaction On Every Bite

Photo: Royal Durian

How do they guarantee that every Mao Shan Wang is up to their standards? The quality check starts from cutting open fresh durians to ensure the ripeness, identifying the taste profile, and last but not the least, visual check. The young founders have also developed a system to remember customers’ taste profile  – whether you like it sweet or just a little bitter, Royal Durian remembers.

Find It At Jurong Gateway Road

Photo: Royal Durian

Classy and elegant, Royal Durian’s flagship outlet located at Jurong Gateway Road has a sophisticated interior with hints of gold. Right here, they are offering the best Mao Shan Wang you will ever taste in your life.

$68 For 650 Grams Of Mao Shan Wang Durian

Photo: Royal Durian

Are you ready to satisfy your hunger for some delicious Mao Shan Wang?  Simply drop a WhatsApp message to 8186 8552 to start ordering! Enjoy free islandwide delivery when you order more than two boxes, or a $7 delivery charge for single orders. There is no time like the present to enjoy some Mao Shan Wang!

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