Dim sum delivery in Singapore

Despite being a huge part of Chinese culture, dim sum is a unique cuisine on its own. It consists of a wide variety of small plates that bring about a myriad of flavours. Best of all, most of them are bite-sized, and it’s incredibly difficult to resist popping them down. To support the many Singaporeans staying home during this period, here are 20 dim sum places offering delivery for a hearty and comforting meal. 

1. Sum Dim Sum

Dim Sum Delivery --3

Sum Dim Sum is a relatively new dim sum restaurant along Jalan Besar Road. The dim sum selection at this Tiffany blue joint is delicious and extensive. They also come in aesthetically pleasing containers for takeaway or delivery, which will make plenty of Instagram-worthy shots. Try their Signature Crispy Pork Buns ($6+), which comes in a set of three. Each bun is crispy, and contains tender chunks of sweet, buttery pork. The buns’ unique shade of green comes from pandan flavouring, which also gives an aromatic fragrance and earthy flavour. 

There’s no minimum order, and island-wide delivery fee is a flat $10. You can also arrange for self-pick-up. Remember to pre-order at least one day in advance. You can take a look at their menu here.

WhatsApp 9092 2662 to order

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2. Dim Sum Haus

Dim Sum Haus

Dim Sum Haus is another contender in the dim sum war along Jalan Besar Road. Salted egg fans have to try their Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun ($4.80+). Each fluffy bun is filled with a luscious and creamy salted egg custard that has the right balance of sweet and savoury. Minimum order values start from $20 depending on your location, with varying island-wide delivery fees. This fee would be waived for orders above $50, depending on location. You can also arrange for self-pick-up between 9:30am to 8:30pm.

Dim Sum Haus order form

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3. Tim Ho Wan

tim ho wan char siew bao

Popular Hong Kong dim sum chain, Tim Ho Wan, now offers island-wide delivery, so you can feast on their award-winning dim sum dishes in the comfort of your own home. Try their famous Baked BBQ Pork Buns ($7.80), which feature succulent pork meat encased by a crispy, buttery pastry exterior. You can order from them on GrabFood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and on Oddle. The latter is available for islandwide delivery.

Tim Ho Wan order form

4. Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

swee choon dim sum
Image credit: Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

A fav’ supper spot among many Singaporeans, Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant was usually packed with dim sum craving folk when dine-ins were permitted. With tasty and affordable dishes, it’s no surprise why many are fans of this long-standing restaurant. Try their signature Shanghai Xiao Long Bao ($10.40), which comes in a box of eight. It consists of steamed soup dumplings that contain juicy pork and a rich broth with a deep flavour profile. The dumplings are best enjoyed with vinegar and ginger. 

Spend a minimum of $35 and get a $5 flat delivery fee islandwide. Alternatively, if you can do self pick-up, then you can enjoy a 15% discount on your order.

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant order form

5. Mister Wu

Mister Wu - Flatlay

Mister Wu is a local dim sum restaurant that dishes out tasty dim sum with a unique twist. Try their Truffle Fried Carrot Cake ($7.80+), which features stir-fried carrot cake with truffle-flavoured egg. The carrot cake exudes a strong smoky wok hei aroma, and it’s zhnged with a rich and earthy truffle-flavoured egg. There’s no minimum order, and island-wide delivery fees vary depending on location. This fee is waived for orders above $60. 

Mister Wu order form

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6. Yum Cha

yum cha dim sum delivery
Image credit: Yum Cha

Due to their wide variety of dim sum dishes, Yum Cha is many Singaporeans’ go-to joint to satisfy their dim sum cravings. If you’re tasked to feed your family, try the Petite Dim Sum Set ($58+), which serves about three to four people. It features a delectable dim sum selection, with items such as squid ink dumplings and smoky pan-fried carrot cake available. Get free delivery when you spend above $80, or 15% off your total order if you self-collect.

Yum Cha order form

7. Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

dim sum 101 - Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant
Image credit: Si Chuan Dou Hua

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant serves up traditional Chinese dishes and dim sum in an elegant setting. Try their Sliced Pork in Garlic Chilli Sauce ($18+), which are ever-so tender with the right balance of numbing spice. Get a taste of their Shredded Bean Curd Soup ($10+), which will make a good sweet and savoury treat. The minimum order and island-wide delivery fees vary depending on location, but the latter starts at $5. You can also get free delivery when you spend $100.

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant order form

8. Yi Dian Xin Hong Kong Dim Sum

yi dian xin dim sum delivery
Image credit: @whatisdieting

Helmed by an ex Tunglok chef, Yi Dian Xin Hong Kong Dim Sum is a humble stall at Upper Serangoon Road that serves up tasty dim sum dishes. Choose from steamed to fried dim sum dishes. A popular favourite is their Siew Mai with Shrimp ($4.20), which consist of pork, shrimp and mushroom filling that’s wrapped in smooth dumpling skin. There’s no minimum order, and they deliver island-wide with varying delivery fees via GrabFood. Note that the stall operates from 7am to 3pm daily, and it’s closed on Tuesdays.

The Dim Sum Place order website 

9. The Dim Sum Place

Situated under a row of shophouses, The Dim Sum Place dishes out simple and honest dim sum fare. The halal-certified stall is known variety of dim sum and savoury items. If you prefer something more filling, opt for their Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice with Chicken ($7.90), which contains rich glutinous rice and generous chunks of chicken. There’s no minimum order, and island-wide delivery fees vary depending on location. This fee is waived for orders above $50. Note that the restaurant only accepts payment via PayNow.

WhatsApp 9666 7420 or call 6655 8787 to order.
Delivery menu

10. Wah Lok

maybank michelin chinese restaurants wah lok dim sum

Wah Lok dishes out scrumptious Cantonese food and dim sum at Carlton Hotel. Try their Fried Carrot Cake with XO Sauce ($12.80), which consists of carrot cake that’s beautifully fried, then elevated with robust XO sauce for a touch of richness. There’s no minimum order, and orders below $70 will be subjected to a $12 delivery fee. The delivery fee for orders above $70 is $8. Simply select the “$4 off delivery” promotion at the promo code page to apply it. The delivery fee will be waived for orders above $180. 

Wah Lok order form

11. Victor’s Kitchen

GrabFood famous stores Victor's Kitchen

Housed in Sunshine Plaza along Orchard Road, the flagship outlet of Victor’s Kitchen is a tough find. This elusive restaurant is worth the visit, as it dishes out tasty Hong Kong-style dumplings in a no-frills manner. Their selection is extensive, ranging from favourites such as piquant Chicken Lup Cheong Lor Mai Kai ($6.40) and devilishly fiery Poached Szechuan Dumplings in Spicy Sauce ($6) to unique dishes, such as their newly released Carrot Cake with Thousand Island Dressing ($6). The latter’s earthy taste goes surprisingly well with the creamy and tangy thousand island dressing.

There’s a minimum order of $40, with a flat $5 delivery fee if you live within 5km of the eatery, or a $50 minimum order and an $8 delivery fee if you live on the rest of the island. If you prefer self-pick-up, use the code ‘VICTOR10’ for 10% off when you order via their website.

Victor’s Kitchen order form

12. Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen

crystal jade hong kong kitchen dim sum delivery
Image credit: @fooodiecravvingg

Singapore-based Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen is known for its wholesome Chinese cuisine. They also serve up tasty dim sum dishes, such as their Steamed Siew Mai with Fish Roe (from $6.30), which feature succulent pork and shrimp filling that’s encapsulated by dumpling skin, then topped with crunchy fish roe. If you’re a fan of fried dim sum, make room for their Deep-fried Mango Roll with Prawn (from $5.80). It consists of sweet, juicy mango and tender prawns, all wrapped in a deep-fried exterior. There’s no minimum order, and the restaurant delivers island-wide via Deliveroo, with varying delivery fees. You can also take away from any of their outlets, provided you call to order in advance from your outlet of choice.

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen order form

13. Min Jiang

min jiang goodwood park hotel dim sum delivery
Image credit: Min Jiang

Situated within Goodwood Park Hotel, Min Jiang serves up tantalising dim sum dishes in an opulent setting. Fans of pineapple buns have to try their Baked ‘Bo Lo Bao’ with BBQ Pork ($7.50), which features succulent, glistening pork chunks within a slightly sweet pastry exterior. FYI, polo buns do not actually contain pineapple; the buns’ toppings just resemble it. There’s a minimum order of $50, with a flat $14 island-wide delivery fee. This fee will be waived for orders above $112.50. There is also an additional $3 surcharge on the eve of/and public holidays.

Min Jiang order form

14. Hong Kong Zhai Dim Sum

hong kong zhai dim sum delivery
Image credit: Hong Kong Zhai Dim Sum

Hong Kong Zhai Dim Sum dishes out fresh handmade dim sum that are sure to make any dim sum lover swoon. If you desire something on the sweeter side, try their Crispy Banana & Red Bean Paste ($4.50). Biting into the beautiful crisp exterior releases a luxurious mix of banana and red bean paste that’s full of refreshing sweetness. The stall also has a wide selection of ready-to-cook, frozen dim sum dishes that you can prepare upon feeling the hunger pangs. These include their Xiao Long Bao ($5.20) and Fried Carrot Cake ($4.60). There’s a minimum order of $38, and delivery fees vary depending on location. This fee is waived for orders above $100.

Hong Kong Zhai Dim Sum order form

15. Tang Tea House

TANG TEAHOUSE deim sum delivery
Image credit: Tang Tea House

Halal-certified Tang Tea House has a myriad of dim sum offerings. Try their Golden Sand Bun ($5.67), which consist of three pieces of fluffy steamed buns that are filled with creamy, flowy egg custard. For delivery, there is a minimum order of $50, with a delivery fee of $5. This fee is waived for orders above $50. Orders can be made on their website. No minimum is needed if you’re ordering for self pick-up.

Tang Tea House order form

16. Wong Chiew Restaurant

wong chiew restaurant dim sum delivery
Image credit: Wong Chiew Restaurant

Located in an unassuming coffeeshop at Sembawang, Wong Chiew Restaurant is a humble joint that sells affordable and quality dim sum. They stock up both fresh and frozen dim sum that are available for delivery. Century egg fans have to savour their Century Egg Siew Mai ($3.40 for three pieces). It consists of a good amount of century egg pieces that are wrapped with a delicate dumpling skin. There’s no minimum order, and island-wide delivery fees vary depending on location. This fee is waived for orders above $60.

Wong Chiew Restaurant order form

17. Singapore Handmade Dim Sum

Singapore Handmade Dim Sum serves up fresh dim sum dishes that are handmade. Famished monsters have to try their Signature Royal Chicken Pau ($3.80), which features a huge steamed bun that’s stuffed with a generous portion of tender minced chicken. The stall has no minimum order, and offers island-wide delivery. The delivery fee would be $6 for locations within a 5km radius from the stall. For locations within a 5km to 15km radius, there’s a flat $12 delivery fee. Delivery fee to other locations is $15. 

WhatsApp 9655 1626 to order
Check out the menu on their Facebook page

18. Wonderful Restaurant

wonderful xiao long bao
Image credit: Wonderful Restaurant

Wonderful Restaurant’s dim sum dishes will save you from any late-night hunger pangs. The stall sells frozen dim sum plates that are available for island-wide delivery. When you’re feeling hungry, simply defrost the frozen dim sum for 20 minutes before steaming it for eight minutes. Try their Fresh Meat Juicy Xiao Long Bao ($23.50), which consists of a whopping 42 pieces of soup dumplings. Each dumpling is meticulously filled with a rich broth before being frozen, so quality is ensured. There is a minimum order of $20, with a flat island-wide delivery fee of $7. This fee will be waived for orders above $40.

WhatsApp 9107 1008 to order
Delivery menu

19. Lao Zi Hao Confectionery & Souvenirs

lao zhi hao
Image credit: Lao Zi Hao

Lao Zi Hao Confectionery & Souvenirs is no new kid on the block in Singapore’s dim sum scene. Their four bakers have a good 30 years of experience each, and the stall sells over 20 types of dim sum plates. Try their Homemade Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew Filling ($10 for eight pieces). This chee cheong fun dish is comforting, and full of robust flavours. The smooth slippery rice rolls and sweet, tender char siew filling made for a good chew. There is no minimum order, and a flat island-wide delivery fee of $8. This fee will be waived for orders above $80.

WhatsApp 9728 4065 or call 6743 4493 to order.

20. Zi Yean Bistro

Zi Yean Bistro Dim Sum

Zi Yean Bistro serves up tasty dim sum dishes at wallet-friendly prices. Try their Beef Balls w / Orange Peel ($5.50 for three pieces), which consist of succulent minced beef that’s zhnged with orange peel, giving bursts of refreshing and citrusy flavours. The stall also dishes a myriad of delicious zi char dishes so do check them out. There’s a minimum order of $20, and delivery fees depend on location.

Zi Yean Bistro order form

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21. 126 Dim Sum

126 dim sum deliveryImage credit: @inoutspot

126 Dim Sum is a classic late-night dim sum supper place. Get your supper fix in the comfort of your own home by taking away from either 126 Dim Sum’s Geylang or Boon Keng outlet. Choose from dim sum dishes such as Red Vinegar Sauce Wanton ($5.50), and Xiao Long Bao ($5), or try their more unique options, which include their Crab Meat Sauce with Mantou ($6). 

Website | Full list of locations

22. Man Fu Yuan

man fu yuan dim sum delivery
Image credit: @jltravellounge

Treat yourself to a fancy brunch at home with Man Fu Yuan‘s frozen dim sum delivery. The hotel restaurant has batches of frozen dim sum available for you to order and prepare at home, ranging from Pork & Shrimp Siew Mai ($25 for 18 pieces), Custard Bun ($20 for 12 pieces), and more.

Man Fu Yuan order form

23. Paradise Dynasty


Paradise Dynasty is known for their rainbow dim sum, but while dine-in is on pause, get a comprehensive selection from their dim sum menu delivered to your home. From Pan-Fried Shanghai Pork Buns ($6.18+) to Scallion Pastry ($5.36+), the range is distinctly influenced by Chinese dim sum, rather than Hong Kong fare. Islandwide delivery is $8 flat with a minimum spend of $50, or free when you spend above $100. If you prefer self-collection, then enjoy 20% off the prices when you order online.

Paradise Dynasty order form

Dim sum home delivery in Singapore

From atas hotel dim sum fare to dim sum haunts that many frequent for supper, this list is chock full of dim sum delivery options from all your favourite eateries to tide you over this stay-home window.

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