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Ramen delivery services around Singapore

One of the first things I’ll eat in a proper restaurant once this period of heightened measures ends is definitely ramen. We’re blessed with a diversity of instant noodles options in our supermarkets, but there’s something about thin, bouncy ramen noodles slurped from a bowl of warm pork bone broth that instant alternatives just can’t replicate. That’s why we’ve collated a list of 17Japanese noodle joints in Singapore offering ramen delivery services across the island, for you to satisfy the cravings in the safety of your home.

1. Enishi


Awarded with a Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2016, Enishi only has two outlets in the world—one in Singapore and another in Kobe, Japan. The unique ramen joint has a rather simple menu consisting of only two dishes: Dan Dan Noodles ($18.90+), a Sichuan-style dry noodles with a Japanese spin, and Japanese Dashi Noodle ($17.90+), which is made with the classic Japanese dashi stock. 

For free delivery, put in an order of at least $50 in order to qualify. WhatsApp 9098 9409 to make orders directly from them or arrange to have your food delivered through GrabFood as well.

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2. Ramen Keisuke


The popular Japanese restaurants chain, Keisuke, offers delivery services from many of their Ramen Keisuke outlets. From their Tonkotsu King and Lobster King restaurants, the original Tonkotsu Ramen ($14+), along with two of its spicy variants, are available for delivery. In classic Keisuke fashion, you’ll get to customise your ramen bowl with toppings such as pork chashu and flavoured egg.

Internally, their minimum orders and delivery fees vary depending on location and time. Alternatively, turn to delivery services such as Deliveroo for your fix of their ramen.

Ramen Keisuke order form

3. The Ramen Stall

RAMEN DELIVERY RAMEN STALLImage credit: @rawr.hi

Another popular, halal-certified ramen stop is The Ramen Stall which serves a range of traditional Japanese dishes from yakisoba to sushi and ramen dishes. Their noodles menu includes a robust and hearty Beef Ramen ($13.90), and a spicy Volcano Chicken Ramen ($11.90) that has customisable spice levels. 

From 11am to 10:30pm daily, they offer free island-wide delivery for a minimum order of $50. If you live near their restaurant at North Bridge Road, you can choose to pick up your food instead, and enjoy 20% off your order.  

The Ramen Stall order form

4. Takagi Ramen

ramen delivery Takagi Ramen

With ramen prices starting from $8.50 nett and free noodle top-ups, Takagi Ramen is the go-to joint for affordable ramen. The Awabi Shoyu Ramen ($10.80) has a broth blend of pork essence and shoyu, giving the dish undertones of sweetness. Get the speciality Butashoga Ramen ($11.90) which comes with creamy tonkotsu broth and aromatic ginger-braised pork.

They have a flat $5 islandwide delivery fee. But, free island-wide delivery is available for orders above $50.

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Takagi Ramen order form

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5. Ramen Taisho

ramen delivery ramen taisho

Opened by a passionate chef duo that studied ramen-making in Japan, Ramen Taisho is a humble hawker stall selling restaurant-quality ramen. Their Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen ($12.80) is a crowd favourite, made using a rich tonkotsu broth base spiked with concentrated black garlic oil. Among their other fusion creations is the Sambal Tonkotsu Ramen ($12.80) which marries the familiar sambal aroma with their creamy soup base. 

They offer islandwide delivery at a flat delivery fee of $16, with additional delivery discounts available for some of their dishes.

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Ramen Taisho order form

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6. Donburi King

ramen delivery donburi kingImage credit: Donburi King 

Donburi King is actually a Japanese rice bowl specialist that sells a sizable range of Japanese dishes, including ramen. The Iberiko Miso Ramen ($18.80) comes with fatty slices of the high-quality pork laid on a bed of bouncy noodles and sweet miso soup. If you’re ordering from Donburi King, don’t miss out on getting one of their over-the-top donburi bowls too.

Delivery for their ramen is done through external services such as GrabFood and Deliveroo among others.

Find out more on their Facebook page.

7. Kanada-Ya

ramen delivery Kanada ya

Kanada-Ya joined the list of world famous Japanese chain restaurants opening in Singapore with its new outlet at Paya Lebar Quarter. The Kotteri Tonkotsu Ramen Special ($16.47) is made with the stall’s signature 18-hour bone broth and comes with a generous portion of fatty belly chashu. 

Currently, the restaurant is offering free delivery for a minimum spend of $50. They’re also made available on other delivery platforms such as Deliveroo and Foodpanda.

Kanada-Ya order form

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8. Tsuta

ramen delivery Tsuta

As the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen restaurant, Tsuta’s impressive reputation precedes it. The secret behind their signature broth is their dashi stock which they use in all their ramen bowls. Thankfully, their internationally recognised noodles aren’t priced too extravagantly. Currently, they have a 1-for-1 ramen promotion for favourites such as the Shoyu Soba, Shio Soba, and Mala Tonkotsu Soba, all priced at $18.

At present, a delivery fee will be calculated based on your location and there is free delivery provided you spend a minimum of $60.

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Tsuta order form

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9. The Ramen House

ramen delivery the ramen houseImage credit: @thehoodedfoodieeee

Selling ramen, sushi, donburi, curry rice, and even charcoal-grilled Japanese fare, The Ramen House offers an impressive range of affordable Japanese food for delivery. An item worth trying is the unique Kimchi With Minced Pork Ramen ($12.90) which combines both Korean and Japanese flavours. 

From 11am to 11pm daily, they offer free island-wide delivery for a minimum order of $50.  If you live near their restaurant at Rochor, you can choose to pick up your food instead and enjoy 20% off your order.

The Ramen House order form

10. Megumi Japanese Restaurant

ramen delivery Megumi Image credit: @danzganz

Megumi Japanese Restaurant sells a variety of Japanese food options including sushi, tempura, bento sets, donburi, and different types of noodle dishes. Their Kaisen Ramen ($19.80) sports a milk-based stock that’s infused with seafood flavours, complete with shellfish as toppings. The appropriately named Shiok Ramen ($13.80) comes with a fiery spicy soup base.

You’ll need to order a minimum of $50 for delivery, and above $80 to enjoy free delivery. Otherwise, a flat delivery fee of $5 applies. 

Megumi Japanese Restaurant order form

11. Sakae Sushi

ramen delivery Sakae Sushi
Image credit: Sakae Sushi

There’s no need for an introduction to this recognisable Japanese chain. Besides sushi, the restaurant also sells ramen, udon, and cold soba noodles. All their ramen dishes use a shio, or salt, stock for its soup, and each of them come topped with chicken, seafood, or beef. 

Delivery charges are calculated based on your location. Do use the promotional code ‘Sakae10’ to take 10% off online orders.

Sakae Sushi order form


ramen delivery ippudo Image credit: @diaryofabingemama

Serving a Hakata-style Tonkotsu ramen, IPPUDO has joined the ramen delivery line up with their islandwide delivery service. For a full, hearty meal, grab one of IPPUDO’s combo meals that come with a bowl of hot ramen as well as two side dishes. Besides noodles, they also sell wholesome donburi bowls such as the Chashu Don With Onsen Egg ($9.90+) and Karaage Don With Onsen Egg ($8.90+).

A minimum order of $50 applies for their deliveries. Alternatively, look to other delivery platforms such as GrabFood and Deliveroo among others to satisfy your ramen cravings.

IPPUDO order form

13. ATO Ramen

ramen delivery ato

When it comes to variety and affordability, ATO Ramen doesn’t stop short at that. They have an extensive menu of ramen ranging from your conventional Signature Tonkotsu Ramen ($9.90) to interesting combinations such as Tomato Cheese Ramen ($11.80). Aside from ramen, they also serve rice bowls, sides, drinks, desserts as well. To be spoilt for choice is an understatement at ATO Ramen.

Currently, they’ll be open for delivery only through platforms such as GrabFood and Deliveroo, while islandwide delivery is only available through Foodpanda at their Marymount outlet.

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Find out more on their Facebook page.

14. Menbaka Ramen

ramen delivery menbaka

Probably one of the most interactive ramen experiences for dine-in, Menbaka Ramen is well-known for their bowls of ramen that are set on fire in front of your eyes, originating from Kyoto, Japan. Get a taste of their delights in the comforts of your own home through favourites such as the 226 Years Shoyu Recipe Fire Ramen ($19.70). Alternatively, they have vegetarian options too, featuring the Shiitake Mushroom Fire Ramen ($18.60) if it’s up your alley.

For their deliveries, a minimum order of $60 is required, with delivery fees ranging across different locations. 

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Menbaka Fire Ramen order form

15. Kure Menya

amen delivery Kure Menya

Made with purely halal ingredients, Kure Menya focuses more on chicken-based ramen packed with a healthy dose of collagen. Using techniques adapted from Japanese, Chinese, and even Western cuisine, you can count on their expertise to serve up hearty bowls, including their staple Tori Sukiyaki Ramen ($11.90). If you’re a bao ga liao kinda person, go for the Tori Fest Ramen ($17.50), so you get a taste of the tori chashu and tori sukiyaki all in one.

At present, they do offer islandwide delivery with a minimum order of $20, with a flat delivery charge of $9. Your delivery charges will be waived off with an order of $55 and above.

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Kure Menya order form

16. Menya Kanae

ramen delivery Menya kanae

If you’re a huge fan of seafood-based ramen, Menya Kanae has a prawn-based broth that’s both tasty and gao, in addition to their selection of other ramen flavours available. A clear hot favourite would be the Tokusei Sapporo Ebi Ramen ($16.80), topped with two flame-seared prawns, two chashu pieces, half a ramen egg, and sakura ebi tempura flakes. To accompany your meal, enjoy interesting sides such as Tobiko Mayo Tamagoyaki ($6.20) to go along with.

Unfortunately, they’re only able to deliver within a three-kilometre radius of their Novena outlet, with a minimum order of $25 and delivery fee depending on location and amount spent on their ramen. Otherwise, turn to platforms such as GrabFood as well.

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Menya Kanae order form

17. Suparakki Ramen

ramen delivery suparakki

Gone were the days we had to fork out copious amounts of money to pay for quality ramen, with places such as Suparakki Ramen offering their more accessible, wallet-friendly options around more. Their Dry Truffle Ramen starts only at $9.50, coming with stir-fried shredded pork together with a house-made sauce and a dollop of truffle oil for good measure. Aside from that, their Original Tonkotsu Ramen ($10.80) is affordable and one of their best-sellers too.

Currently, their ramen is available for delivery on platforms such as GrabFood, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda among others.

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Find out more on their Facebook page.

Where to find ramen delivery services in Singapore

With our list of ramen delivery services around Singapore, we hope it takes away some of the sadness from not being able to dine-in, and that you’ll be able to seek solace in a hearty bowl of ramen and slurp away your sorrows during this tough period of time.

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