Change of dining plans for this weekend? You can have your Mother’s Day Celebration with a fuss-free feast right at the comfort of your home.

You can even enjoy hot pot from popular restaurants such as Haidilao Hotpot, Shi Jian Hot Pot, and Seoul Garden HotPot sent to your doorstep, all with convenient set meals to pick from.

Just pre-order with a few clicks on the button, and it shall be done.

If you are not for queueing and dining at crowded restaurants, order your family’s favourite dishes via Capita3Eats for Mother’s Day, and receive $10 Cashback* & $10 eCapitaMall promo code (with a min order of $50 in a single transaction on Capita3Eats, *cashback is in the form of eCapitaVoucher).

Plus point: have your favourite fare sent with FREE delivery, with a minimum order of $40 from selected outlets.

Here are 12 well-loved Chinese and hotpot restaurants in Singapore you can order from Capita3Eats to satisfy those cravings:

Haidilao Hotpot
Clarke Quay. Order from:
(Takeaway only)
Plaza Singapura. Order from: (Delivery & takeaway)

Haidilao Hot Pot should be a familiar name to hotpot lovers, and now you can have it in the comfort of your house by having it all delivered. All without the hassle.

For the ease of convenience, you can pre-order and do your takeaway at Clarke Quay, pick the Set Menus which are meant for 2, 4, 6 or 8 pax ($108 onwards), which provides two soup bases, selected set of favourite ingredients, and free choice of one condiment. Set Menus are available at Haidilao Hot Pot Clarke Quay.

The most popular soup choice is the fresh and tangy famous Tomato Soup, followed by the Sichuan Spicy for that numbing flavour and heat.

If you need recommendations with what ingredients to pick, the Haidilao-flavoured Beef Tripe, Haidilao-style Noodles, Chicken with Cumin, Sliced Fish and Homemade Tofu Pudding are some of their top-selections.

A regular to HDL and want to explore other tasty soup choices? Go for the Sichuan Pickles, Mushroom Soup, Pork Stomach and Chicken Soup, Spicy Beef Tallow Soup, and Haidilao-Style Bai-Yu Soup Base.

Order the Local Laksa Hot Pot ($14.00)
The creamy and fragrance laksa has become one of my favourite soup bases to have – in case you have not realised HDL has it.

As an accompaniment, I would say you can go for classic ingredients of Fried Luncheon Meat, Fish Roe Stuffed Beancurd, Fried Crispy Fish Skin, Fishball and Quail Eggs. More scrumptious when they absorb some of that rich laksa gravy.

Enjoy free delivery with a min order of $98 when you order via Capita3Eats Plaza Singapura outlet OR you could opt for takeaway at the Clarke Quay outlet and earn 5X bonus STAR$® (2.5% Cashback)

Seoul Garden HotPot
IMM and Bedok Mall
Order from:

An off-shoot from the popular Korean BBQ restaurant chain, Halal-certified Seoul Garden HotPot offers an array of Korean dishes in the likes of Bibimbaps, HotPot and Jjiage Sets.

All at affordable pricing.

Start with a comforting warm hotpot of Kimchi Beef, Kimchi Braised Beef, or Kimchi Chicken – best for the cooler weather days.

If you are a fan of the Army Stew aka Budae Jjigae, be glad to know that there is a range of personal portions good for the individual, with options of beef, chicken or even salmon toppings.

Accompany the soups with all-time favourite of hot Bibimbap, which comes with mixed brown rice topped with beef bulgogi, chicken bulgogi, dak twigim with cheese sauce. Give it a good mix with their house-made gochuchang, and you are all ready to savour.

Order the Korean Family Set A ($58.85)
If you want to make your orders for the family, get the Korean family Set A good for 4 pax.

The hearty combo includes Chicken Bulgogi Bap, Beef Bulgogi Bap, Seafood Kimchi Hotpot, Beef Kimchi Hotpot, Mixed Brown Rice, Korean Pancake, Mandu (Korean dumpings), and Canned Drinks.

Quite a lot of food for what you are paying, therefore a pretty-good deal. What’s more, you get to enjoy free delivery with a min order of $40.

Paradise Dynasty
Westgate and Funan
Order from:

Paradise Dynasty is best known to be the first to present these rainbow-hued Xiao Long Bao, in flavours of original, ginseng, foie gras, black truffles, crab roe, cheese, garlic and Szechuan.

Your gastronomic exploration does not stop at the Xiao Long Bao. You will discover the eight cuisines of China – Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and Zhejiang, all to be ordered in a few clicks.

Also popular is the Double-Boiled Chicken Soup. A classic soup that is light and clean-tasting, it has that subtle sweet savoury herbal flavour.

Nourishing mix of traditional Chinese herbs create that broth profile, boiling bone-in chickens for hours.

Order the Crispy Pork Chop ($11.33)
Both adults and kids should enjoy the Crispy Pork Chop, another popular dish that has been well-loved for years.

Its unique flavour is developed by the special combination of ingredients in the marinade.

Marinated in soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, five spice powder, scallion, ginger and garlic, the pork chops are battered then fried ‘til the edges are crispy while the interior stays moist and flavourful.

Paradise Dynasty at Westgate is offering Mother’s Day set menu and you could earn 5X bonus STAR$® (2.5% Cashback)

Canton Paradise
Junction 8 and Bedok Mall
Order from:

The go to place to order all-day dim sum, roast specialties, Hong Kong style congee and noodles, and Cantonese wok-fried dishes.

The instagrammable Steamed Molten Salted Egg Yolk Custard Piggy Bun is almost too cute to eat, containing molten salted egg yolk lava, added with a touch of vanilla essence to enhance the taste of the filling.

Other than the dim sum, also recommended is the Handmade Meatball Congee.

Using a combination of Japanese pearl and Thailand fragrant jasmine rice, the velvety smooth and silky texture is a result of dedicated effort by the chefs who constantly stir the pot to ensure its uniformity.

Order the Crispy Roasted Irish Fat Duck ($19.36 for regular, $34.81 for half, $61.70 whole)
Canton Paradise uses the ‘wagyu of ducks’ which is the Irish Duck which is succulent and boasts a good fat-to-meat ratio.

After roasting, this juice is poured onto the freshly roasted duck to make it even more flavourful, resulting in crisp skin with tender meat without a gamey taste.

Pre-order your feast and earn a bonus of 5X bonus STAR$® (2.5% Cashback) for your takeaway orders.

Dian Xiao Er
Lot One, Junction 8, Bedok Mall, and Jewel Changi Airport
Order from:

Home-grown brand Dian Xiao Er is a familiar name among Singaporean foodies, known for its succulent Herbal Roast Duck prepared fresh and roasted in the display kitchen daily.

They have revamped their menu with an array of specialties like the Signature Wheatgrass Tofu with Seafood, Sliced Garoupa in Assam Style, Dong Po Braised Pork Belly, Marmite Chicken, Mongolian Spare Ribs, Fish Maw Thick Soup with Seafood, and many others.

Order the Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb ($18.08 for ¼, $34.13 for ½, $46.97 for ¾, $59.81 for whole)
This house specialty is made using only the finest quality Cherry Valley ducks. Every duck is prepared fresh and roasted daily to create the most delectable duck meat, and the rich flavours come from marinating the duck for hours in spices and a myriad of herbs.

The marinated ducks are then roasted at optimal temperature to tenderise yet keep the meat succulent while cooking. This results in the skin beautifully golden brown in appearance, with a crisp texture.

Some people say the magic is in its specially concocted herbal sauce. You can choose from Dang Gui (Angelica Herb), Shi Quan (Ten Wonder Herbs) and Pao Shen (Wild Ginseng).

I liked that Dang Gui sauce best, with mild-herbal and slight-sweetish tinge that is quite unique to Dian Xiao Er; while the Shi Quan had the stronger herbal and saltier savour.

Enjoy free delivery with a min order of $40 from Dian Xiao Er Lot One, Junction 8 and Bedok Mall

Red House Seafood
Clarke Quay
Order from:

Renowned for its fresh seafood with Asian flavours and signature red lanterns, Red House Seafood is one of Singapore’s oldest and most iconic seafood restaurants.

At its core is high-quality, sustainable seafood, shipped weekly from the North Sea, Indian Ocean and Oceania region.

Its menu, a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan flavours, represents Singapore’s cultural diversity.

Popular dishes include Lobster with Signature Creamy Custard Sauce, Crispy Seafood Roll, Crab Meat Prawn Roll, Spicy Seafood Combination, Crispy Cereal Prawns and more.

Order the Signature Red House Chilli Crab ($117.60 onwards)
No order from Red House Seafood is complete without sampling its signature dish Crab in Red House Chilli Stew, a tangier and slightly sweeter version of the iconic Singaporean dish.

Choose from Sri Lankan Mud Crab ($117.60 for 1.2kg, $137.20 for 1.4kg), or Alaskan King Crab ($268.80 for half crab x 1.6kg, $302.40 for half crab x 1.8kg).

One thing that strikes me was the amount of eggy sauce given – the crabs are literally quite drowned in it. Good for those who loves saucy crabs.

If sweet tangy tomato-like sauce without much spiciness is your kind of thing, then you probably enjoy Red House’s version. Plus point: the dish does not become overly gooey or clog up even if you leave the dish there for a while.

Get some of the with steamed or fried mantou to soak up the luscious sauce.

Enjoy the Mother’s Day set menu 6-course Live Australian Lobster feast and enjoy free delivery with a min order of $40. The 6-course set ($398 for 4 pax, $788 for 8 pax) includes Double-boiled Australia Lobster in Chef’s Super Broth, Australian Lobster Claw with Vermicelli with Fragrant White Peppercorn in Claypot, Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab served with Dragonfruit Salad, Steamed Scottish Razor Clam with Minced Garlic, Stir-fried Sea Cucumber with Fresh Asparagus and Honey Sesame Walnut, Chilled Lime Sherbet with Lemongrass Jelly.

Nanjing Impressions
Plaza Singapura
Order from:

Founded in 1994, Nanjing Impressions is lauded as one of the must-visit restaurants in China, with about many outlets in Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Wuxi, Hefei and Qingdao, often positively reviewed in China.

If you are at a loss on what to order, the Nanjing Impressions recommendations include Jinling Signature Salted Duck, Jinling Roast Duck, Chilled Drunken Virgin Red Crayfish, Poached “Lion’s Head” Meatball, Honey-glazed Stuffed Lotus Root, and Celestial Roast Duck Dumplings which look like a basket of Xiao Long Bao.

Order the Madam Chiang’s Nutritious Beauty Porridge ($6.80)
The dish, named after Madam Chiang Kai-shek (Soong Mei-Ling) is a healthy and nutritious porridge. Madam Chiang, known for both her beauty and longevity, often had this dish.

This particular porridge uses traditional ingredients known for their whitening and beneficial effects on the complexion, such as glutinous rice, soy milk, fresh Chinese yam, lily bulbs and rock sugar.

Enjoy free delivery with a min order of $50 & 5X bonus STAR$® (2.5% Cashback) for all takeaway orders.

Riverside Grilled Fish
Raffles City
Order from:

Popular Chinese restaurant Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外 has multiples outlets in China, and this branch in Singapore at Raffles City B1 is its first overseas outpost.

Other than the famed Grilled Fish, there are also choices of la mian, cold dishes, side dishes, fragrant pot and rice dishes.

Order the Signature Grilled Fish (from $40.13)
Experience “Kao Yu” right at home. The concept involves the traditional Chongqing method of grilling fish and topping it off with Ma La (spicy) sauces.

Here’s how the ordering works: Choose to pair the selected fish, such as Sea Bass or Patin, with any of the 4 accompanying sauces of your choice.

The base includes the Signature Fragrant Spicy Sauce (spicy and sweet), Black Bean Sauce (non-spicy), Pickled Vegetable Sauce, or Ma La (can choose level of spiciness).

You can also add on side dishes (additional cost) such as Enoki Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, Pork Belly, Luncheon Meat and Flat Vermicelli.

Savour juicy and fresh fish, though you probably need one or two other friends or family members to share this.

Enjoy free delivery with a min order of $40 & 5X bonus STAR$® (2.5% Cashback) for all takeaway orders.

Plaza Singapura
Order from:

‘Lokkee (pronounced as ‘Lucky’) is probably one of the wackiest Modern Chinese restaurants in Singapore, located at Plaza Singapura.

The restaurant celebrates the style of cuisine commonly found in Chinatowns dotted across major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London and Sydney.

Firecracker Chicken Nest, Mushu Pork, XO Crab Meat Fried Rice, General Tso’s Chicken, and The Mermaid – a collagen-rich dish with Fresh Fish Maw.

Order the Wagyu Truffle ‘Hor Fun’ ($72.80, for 3-4 pax)
The familiar zi char fare of beef horfun with a luxe twist – inclusion of premium A4 grade Wagyu Beef.

When I took bites, I wonder about the crunchy bits and thought that they resembled pork lard.

They turned out to be rice noodle strips, deep-fried till crispy. You can call this horfun prepared two-ways.

Pre-order your feast and earn 5X bonus STAR$® (2.5% Cashback) for all takeaway orders.

A-One Signature
Funan, Raffles City, and Jewel Changi Airport
Order from:

A-One Signature offers Singapore’s favourite home-cooked food, some prepared with piping hot claypots.

A signature dish is the Claypot Dried Chilli Frog’s Meat, perhaps an acquired taste for some but an appealing delicacy for others.

The Handmade Bean Curd served with Chai Po in a Hong Kong-Style Sauce is also highly recommended.

Those who continue to be hooked in the salted egg flavour hype should go for the Deep-Fried Pumpkin with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce.

Order the Signature Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat, Century Egg, Salted Egg and Egg ($12.90)
Experience comforting warmth with their signature Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat, Century Egg, Salted Egg and Egg that comes with a topping of minced meat and 3 kinds of egg – century egg, salted egg, and a regular egg.

Use promo code “FAMILY10” to enjoy 10% OFF for the signature family set for 4 – 8 Pax (valid at Raffles City & Jewel Changi Airport) and enjoy free delivery with a min order of $50 (valid for Funan & Raffles City)

Teahouse by Soup Restaurant
Order from:

Teahouse Soup Restaurant is known to serve some of Soup Restaurant’s signature home-style Cantonese dishes and herbal soups created from family recipes, alone with a variety of Nanyang flavour Dim Sum such as “4 Beauties” and “Ma Jie Chives Dumplings”.

One of their most iconic heritage dishes is the Samsui Ginger Chicken, a platter of chicken steamed with minimal seasoning dipped in a ginger and sesame oil sauce.

You can wrap the chicken in lettuce with sliced cucumbers for added freshness and crunch. It is also believed ginger and sesame oil have health benefits by removing excess “wind” from the body.

Order the Parent’s Day Special
Takeaway or deliver the specially curated Parent’s Day Combo ($51.36, for 2 pax) and Parent’s Day Family Combo ($98, for 4 – 5pax) for a cosy celebration at home. Available till 30 June.

The Parent’s Day Combo for 5 includes a small Samsui Ginger Chicken, Mui Choy Braised Pork with Butterfly Buns, Samsui Ginger Rice with Baby Abalone & Pine Nuts, Soup of the Day and Longevity Buns.

In partnership with Japan Rice Export Association, Soup Restaurant has come up with one of its Parents’ Day specialty dish, the Samsui Ginger Rice with Baby Abalone & Pine Nuts. The carefully selected grains are imported from the Iwate prefecture in Northern Japan

Pre-order your feast and earn 5X bonus STAR$® (2.5% Cashback) for all takeaway orders.

Order from:

Godmama is a modern Peranakan restaurant delivering both authentic Nyonya cuisine and innovative Peranakan food creations.

It offers starters, lunch, and dinner menus, for customers to remember the warmth of sharing a meal of heirloom recipes with family.

Start off with Ayam Buah Keluak, a staple dish of the Peranakans. This classic Nyonya spicy and tangy chicken stew features the seeds of the buah keluak fruit, and is infused with turmeric and lengkuas aka blue ginger, a citrus-scented galangal that tastes piney and sharp.

A highly recommended dish for those looking for traditional Peranakan flavours is the Babi Assam, a slow-braised pork belly in a mildly spicy and tangy tamarind sauce.

Order the Buah Keluak Bolognese Pasta ($19.90)
If you love something Peranakan yet with a modern touch, get the Buah Keluak Bolognese Pasta ($19.90) using al dente linguine with a beef Bolognese sauce.

What makes it especially Peranakan is tossing it in a classic Nyonya spicy and tangy black nut stew.

Enjoy the Mother’s Day set menu for 2 – 8 Pax and enjoy free delivery with a min order of $40.

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