Just in case you missed out, the long-awaited BTS Meal has finally launched in Singapore. Following the steps of many other countries that had released the limited edition meal, resellers are cleaning up the sought-after packaging to sell in on online platforms. Today, we are checking out ten of the wildest listings we can find on Carousell Singapore!

10 Wild BTS Meal Packaging Listings On Carousell S’pore

1. $600 Rare 10 Nuggets Edition BTS Meal Packaging

This seller has limited-edition packaging flown all the way from South Korea. The $600 worth of items come with one of

  • paper bag
  • fries packaging
  • BTS drink cup
  • Korea’s McDonald’s drink cup,
  • 10-piece McNuggets box,
  • Sweet Chilli sauce,
  • Cajun sauce and
  • Tomato sauce.

This listing has amassed 30 likes at the time of this writing. Neat. Check it out here. 

2. $100 USA BTS Meal Condiments

Same but different, this seller offers BTS Meal’s condiments made from the USA. Excellent condition and factory sealed, the ingredients are not the same as the ones that are available in Singapore or South East Asia. It is a definite must-try! Check it out here. 

3. $5.50 BTS Meal Phone Case

Possibly one of the cheapest listings for anything related to BTS Meal! This seller has creatively turned the BTS Meal packaging into a phone case. Only two pieces are available. Check it out here. 

4. $369 BTS Meal Packaging, Sprayed With Jungkook’s Perfume & More

Most of the listings for the packaging are wiped and cleaned, but this definitely hits differently. This seller offers the BTS Meal packaging that is wiped with official BTS towel merch from the Love Yourself tour in 2017. On top of that, it is sprayed with Jungkook’s perfume. Dynamite combination. Check it out here. 

5. $777 McDonald’s BTS Meal Containers

The description says, “BTS limited edition containers from MacDonald’s ~ do whatever you want with them. Prove me wrong that no one will buy this at such a price. =p”. Check it out here. 

6. $100 BTS Meal Packaging

Looks like a pretty normal listing until you read the description box. It writes, “or trade for 3 tight slaps to wake up your idea”. Check it out here. 

7. $0 BTS Meal Packaging

While everyone else is trying to make money with the exclusive packaging, this seller is taking another route. Truly disgusted by the content, the description reads, “Yucks, not nice at all Just take and go.. if not all will be in the bin”. Check it out here. 

8. $499.99 BTS Meal Packaging

Great price for very clean-looking BTS Meal packaging. Check it out here. 

9. $100 BTS Meal’s Drink Cup

Apparently, this drink cup is like no other. According to the seller, the seller was able to sing like BTS members after consuming the Coke that came together with the meal. That explains the price of the drink cup, as the seller wants to share the joy with other fans. Check it out here.

10. $1,500,000 BTS Meal’s McNuggets

For serious buyers only. Price excludes delivery ($10). Check it out here. 

Carousell’s Sellers Are ‘Like A Criminal Undercover’

What do you think about these listings? Let us know in the comments!

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