Citi Cards food delivery, takeaway and dine-in deals

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Though we’re lucky enough to settle comfortably into the new normal, there’s no doubt the pandemic has transformed many exceptions into the norm. One of these is our collective reliance on food delivery, as well as takeaways. 

Though restaurants have reopened, I still find myself going for online food delivery and takeaway options as a default, especially since there’s a wealth of deals you can find to make your meal that much sweeter. One of these is by Citi Cards, where they are offering deals such as complimentary food or drinks, or up to 20% discounts when you order online or do takeaway with participating merchants with the promo code ‘GETZCITI’.

We’ve summed up some of the best takeaway and online delivery food deals you can get with a Citi Card below. If you still prefer dine-in, though, fret not, as most of these deals are applicable for that as well.

1. Greendot

greendot citi cardsImage credit: Greendot Singapore

As the largest vegetarian restaurant chain in Singapore, Greendot has a myriad of plant-based food options for diners looking for a clean, healthy meal. One of their most popular items is their bento boxes, an easy and convenient meal option where you get a grain base, greens, and mains, for under $10. If you’re planning to treat your family or even your team to a meal, you can get 10% off your total bill with a minimum $79 spend at Greendot, applicable for online delivery and store pickup, as long as you pay with a Citi Card. 

Use the promo code ‘GETZCITI’ upon checkout when you order from the Greendot website to enjoy the discount. Terms and conditions apply.

Full list of outlets

2. Golden Pillow 933

golden pillow 933 citi cards

Golden Pillow 933 is such an easy go-to for dinner with a group, thanks to their signature curry chicken bun, which is now available in a spicier version: the Golden Pillow Flamin’ Hot Bun ($18.80). 

Add on to your meal and make it a feast for your loved ones as Golden Pillow 933 has plenty of other zi char options too. Highlights include their ultra-tender Ginseng Salted Chicken ($29.80), and their Party Platter ($24), with spring rolls, samosas, and other fried goodies to feast on.

free fish cakes

Those holding a Citi Card can spend $50, and get a free Crispy Beancurd Prawn Roll to make the meal that much better. Use the promo code ‘GETZCITI’ upon checkout when you order from the Golden Pillow 933 website, applicable for delivery and store pick-up.

3. Muchos

Muchos citi cardsImage credit: Muchos

Muchos is known for being a casual Mexican restaurant where you can sit back and enjoy the likes of their Muchos Platter (from $40++), with your friend, as it feeds a group with skewered prawns, calamari, potato wedges, hot wings and more. Otherwise, enjoy their tacos, which start from $13++, tostadas, priced from $12++, and plenty more Mexican classic dishes if you prefer individual portions. 

Order from Muchos website with the promo code ‘GETZCITI’ upon checkout and get 20% off when you spend a minimum of $50 with a Citi Card. The promotion is applicable for both dine-in and takeaway, ideal for TGIF at the restaurant or at home. 

Address: 3D River Valley Road, #01-04, Singapore 179023
Opening hours: Daily 5pm-11pm
Tel: 6338 4748

4. Tomo Izakaya

Esplanade - Tomo Izakaya

Tomo Izakaya in Clarke Quay is best known for their bustling izakaya atmosphere and chirashi bowls. Treat yourself to their signatures and get 20% off when you spend a minimum of $50 and pay with a Citi Card. Notable items include their Zenbu-Happy Chirashi ($32++), where you get sashimi, uni, steak, unagi, and tuna belly, all in one bowl, and their Pirikara Ramen ($18++), where you get springy ramen noodles in a thick tonkotsu broth. 

This offer is applicable for dine-in, and takeaway only. Order in advance on the Tomo Izakaya website and use the code ‘GETZCITI’ to enjoy the discount.

Address: 3A River Valley Road, #01-14, Singapore 179020
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 5pm to 11pm
Tel: 6336 0100

5. Bali Thai

bali thai citi cards

Bali Thai’s Indonesian-Thai fusion menu makes for an ideal place to dine if you’re big on Southeast Asian flavours and spice. Their Tahu Telur ($8.80) is a must-try, where a mound of deep-fried egg tofu is drizzled with a sweet-spicy sauce.

Turn the spice up a notch with their Thai Green Mango Salad ($9.80), featuring a piquant dressing with umami crushed dried shrimp in the mix. For those craving something classically Thai, get the Pad Thai ($9.80), which includes shrimp and chicken, stir-fried with a dose of wok hei. 

citi getz

If you’re a Citi Cardmember, enjoy a free Lemongrass Drink when you spend a minimum of $25. This promotion is valid for takeaway and dine-in. Order on the Bali Thai website with the code ‘GETZCITI’ to get the discount.

Full list of outlets

6. So Pho

so pho citi cards

So Pho is a go-to pho chain for many of us, as their menu is chock full of affordable Vietnamese classics. Start off your meal here with their Summer Rolls With Prawn, Chicken And Ham ($7.20)—classic Vietnamese rice rolls loaded with meat and vegetables, and served with two dipping sauces. 

For mains, slurp up their Mixed Combo Pho ($12.50), loaded with sliced beef, beef balls, and tendons. If you prefer your noodles dry-tossed, then get their Bun Noodle with Grilled Beef and Fried Spring Rolls ($16.80). For those who don’t know, this dish hails from Southern Vietnam, and often features grilled meats, fried goodies, and a load of fresh veggies that you toss in a spruced-up fish sauce mix.

lemongrass drink free citi cards

Finish off the meal with a free Lemongrass Drink ($3.50) when you spend a minimum of $25 and pay with a Citi Card. This deal is applicable for dine-in and takeaway. You can pre-order your items if you’d prefer takeout on the So Pho website. Use the code ‘GETZCITI’ to get the free drink with your order.

Full list of locations

7.  Mellben Signature

mellben signature

Seafood lovers, treat your fam and tapao dinner from Mellben Signature in Tanjong Pagar. They are renowned for their Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup (from $72), where you get a whole crab cooked in sweet seafood stock, and served with thick bee hoon. If bee hoon isn’t your thing, their creamy, succulent Butter Crab (from $72) is another must-try, where a crab is cooked in a velvety butter curry, laced with pandan leaves for extra fragrance. Crabs in both servings start at 800g, so you definitely have to share this.

mellben seafood ribs

Spend above $120 on your meal and get a complimentary Salted Egg Pork Ribs to zhng-up your meal when you pay with a Citi Card. These hefty ribs are coated with a salted egg yolk crumble, then fried till brown and tender. 

Use the code ‘GETZCITI’ to enjoy the free item.

Address: 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-105, Singapore 081007
Opening hours: Daily, 11:30am to 2.15pm (last order), 5pm to 10:15pm (last order)


8. Streats

Streats is home to popular Asian and zi char-style dishes. Items on their menu are inspired by different regional cuisines, so you can order dishes like Bak Mee Ayam Pangsit ($8.80), Claypot with Chicken and Malaysian Style Fried Carrot Cake ($8.80) all in one sitting. Spend a minimum of $25 on either dine-in or takeaway, and get a free Lemongrass Drink when you pay with a Citi Card.

Use the code ‘GETZCITI’ to enjoy the free drink.

Full list of locations

9. Pizza Maru 

capita3eats - pizza maru

Pizza Maru, a popular pizza stores in Korea is well-known for their signature green tea wellbeing dough recipe such as Mango Ocean from $23.90++ which is the wonders of the sea. Looking for something cheesy yet extraordinary? Try out their signature Chicago-inspired pizzas made with chewy black rice dough. Indulge in their two best flavours – Real Chicago & Real BBQ Chicago from $29.90++.

Make the experience extra indulgent by ordering some Korean fried chicken starting from $17.90++ in flavours like Original, Onion Tartar and Honey Garlic. Spend a minimum of $50 and pay with a Citi Card to enjoy a free Cream of Mushroom soup when you order delivery or dine-in.

Pre-order on the Pizza Maru website and use the code ‘GETZCITI’ to receive the free item with your order.

Full list of locations

10. Seoul Yummy

seoul yummy pancakeImage credit: Seoul Yummy

If you love Korean food, especially army stew, then head down to Seoul Yummy for a feast. The restaurant is best known for their loaded army stews, most notably their Daebak Army Stew ($39.80++), which comes with the usual army stew ingredients as well as sliced beef and pork collar. Eat your fill at the restaurant and get a free Ban Ban Pancake—half kimchi pancake, and half plain pancake. All you need to do to get the deal is to spend a minimum of $50, and pay with a Citi Card.

Pre-order on the Seoul Yummy website and use the promo code ‘GETZCITI’ to enjoy your free item.

Food delivery, takeaway and dine-in deals

Treat yourself and your family to a hearty meal, be it at home or in a restaurant with these versatile takeaways and dine-in deals. From free food and beverages to 20% off your meal, there’s plenty to make your mealtimes that much better.

Find out more about Citi Cards’ dining deals!

Photos taken by John Lery Villanueva.
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