Jewel Changi Airport houses local and international restaurants and cafes. With such a splendid surroundings, dining in Jewel Changi Airport occasionally comes with a hefty price tag. In the month of May, you will be excited to know that more than 30 restaurants and cafes will be participating in one-for-one deals! It is time to start scrolling to check if you’re favourite ones made the list!

1-For-1 F&B Deals At Jewel Changi Airport


Photo: PAZZION Cafe (Facebook)

Make room for some pasta! A multi-concept retail and dining experience, PAZZION Cafe, will be offering one-for-one deals for its pasta selection. Notable for beautifully twirled pasta, some of the selections for this exclusive deal include Cold Truffle Pasta, King Prawn Linguine, Mixed Mushroom Tomato Pasta, Beef Ragu Pasta, and Black Pepper Crab Pasta.


Photo: Pink Fish Singapore (Facebook)

A boss in making fresh and tasteful fish dishes, head down to PINK FISH to enjoy one-for-one deals for Saba Mackerel Teriyaki. The dish is a beautiful mixture of kimchee, cucumber, edamame, and onions! The deal comes together with a bottle of coconut water from ZICO. Certainly, this sounds like a healthy meal that will guarantee to light up your mood!

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3. Four Seasons Restaurant

Photo: Four Seasons Restaurant (Facebook)

Four Seasons Restaurant is an ideal spot for a family gathering. Boasting a well-rounded Chinese menu, be thrilled to know that Four Seasons Restaurant’s simple yet hearty Lemon Chicken with Fried Rice made the list. Chopped to bite-sized, the lemon chicken is well-coated with lemon sauce and topped off with some sesame seeds. You will love this!

4. Shang Social

Photo: Shang Social (Facebook)

Here’s another noteworthy spot for a blissful gathering. Shang Social jumps on the bandwagon by offering some of its main dishes in this one-for-one deal. Broken down into two groups, order a dish from Group A to get another dish from Group B for free.

Group A

  • Jiang Nan Wok Black Marble Pork
  • Smoked Marinated Beef Rib-Eye with Lemongrass (Regular)
  • Deep-Fried King Prawn with Hawthorn Sauce
  • Seafood Broth Rice

Group B 

  • Crispy Fish Skin Cereal
  • Crispy Roasted Pork
  • Daily Soup
  • Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo

5. AC.Kafe

Photo: AC.Kafe (Facebook)

Now, this is a real treat for both adults and children. AC.Kafe is the first-ever Designer-Art Toys themed cafe. Right here, you will be able to catch the wondrous display of curated art toys. AC.Kafe went big with its offerings, as categories such as dons, pasta, and pizza are all available. Indulge in Chicken Teriyaki Don, Smoked Duck Carbonara, Seafood Pizza, and many more. Yes, please!

6. Herit8ge

Photo: Herit8ge (Facebook)

When you are dining in Herit8ge, you will be immersed in Jewel Changi Airport’s immersive green paradise. Specialising in local flavours, Herit8ge offers one-for-one deals for Fish & Chip, and also Tonkatsu Burger. Both of these fun choices are the perfect pairing with some beer. Hearty meals, light beers, and some friends sound like a perfect meal!

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7. Tiger Street Lab

Photo: @tigerbeersg (Instagram)

Nothing has a wow factor more than fusion food. The team behind Tiger Street Lab is the king of elevating local dishes by introducing foreign ingredients. Feast on “Gong Bao” Chicken Spaghetti, and “Lor Bak” Cappellini. For this one-for-one deal, Tiger Street Lab offers Laksa Prawns Spaghetti. The laksa-flavoured spaghetti is topped off with peeled prawns, and hard-boiled eggs. Sounds absolutely interesting.

8. JUMBO Seafood

Photo: JUMBO Seafood Singapore (Facebook)

Where do you go for some award-winning Singapore Chilli Crab? Well, you go to JUMBO Seafood. JUMBO Seafood partakes in the deal by offering one-for-one appetizers. Choose from Dragonfruit Lobster Salad with Lumpfish Caviar, Chilled Shredded Roast Duck Salad, Crispy Fried Baby Squid, Golden Salted Egg Fish Skin, and Seafood Donut Tossed in Salad Cream. Now, that’s how you build an appetite.

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9. Arteastiq Bistro

Photo: Arteastiq Bistro (Facebook)

Apart from main meals, there are one-for-one desserts up for grabs at Jewel Changi Airport, too! Arteastiq Bistro offers Gaia’s Teardrop Fossip. The pandan kaya lava cake is served with red beans, gula melaka syrup, and champagne vanilla gelato. Indeed, this makes the perfect sweet ending to your meals! Did we mention that it looks picture-perfect, too?

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10. Subway

Photo: Subway Singapore (Facebook)

Coming to the end of the list, grab your hands on a one-for-one 6-inch sandwich from Subway! Choose from two types of sandwiches, Tuna Sandwich, or Chicken Ham Sandwich. A usual, you can customise your very own sandwich right here. Choose the type of bread, vegetables, and sauces to make this sandwich yours! That’s a pretty good deal!

Happening From Monday To Thursday At Jewel Changi Airport

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