Briyani in Singapore

Briyani is easily one of the most flavourful dishes I’ve had, made with a variety of spices and ingredients. This mixed rice dish originates from South Asia, with fluffy, saffron-flavoured basmati grains. If you’re craving briyani, we have curated a list of 10 best briyani in Singapore, including XXL platters and Michelin-approved stalls.

1. Bismi Briyani

bismi briyani singapore

Bismi Briyani takes XXL food up a notch with their Combo Platter Dulang ($30), a massive briyani platter that can easily serve four people. This dish comes with a lamb shank, lamb mutton chop, sambal chicken, mandi chicken, and three types of rice. It’s further topped with fried and boiled eggs for extra protein. We especially enjoyed their mutton, which had a smoky flavour. 

Pair the meats with their selection of sauces, including a minty Coriander Sauce and piquant Green Chilli Sauce.

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Address: 51 Yishun Avenue 11, #01-05, Yishun Park Hawker Centre, Singapore 768867
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am to 8pm
Bismi Briyani is a halal-certified eatery.

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2. Cafe Mariam

Cafe Mariam is run by third-generation chef Hassan, whose father and grandfather helmed the iconic Islamic Restaurant at North Bridge Road. His experiences span restaurants, banquets, and even working with celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay. 

Packed with a distinct saffron flavour, their Chicken Briyani ($6.50) is earthy and fragrant, served alongside a juicy chicken drumstick or thigh. If you prefer lamb, give their Mutton Mandi ($7) a shot, served with tangy yoghurt to cut through the gaminess of the meat.

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Address: 116 Changi Road, #01-02, Singapore 419718
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 11am to 3pm, Fri 10:30am to 12pm, 2pm to 3pm, Sat-Sun 11am to 2pm
Tel: 9369 8564
Cafe Mariam is a halal-certified eatery.

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3. Ali Nachia Briyani Dum

ali nachia briyani singapore

Hailing from the now-defunct Tanjong Pagar railway station is Ali Nachia Briyani Dum. They serve dum briyani, which is cooked in a sealed pot for deeper flavour. 

Mutton-lovers will surely enjoy the Mutton Briyani ($8) as the meat is tender and flavourful with hints of masala. Meanwhile, their Chicken Briyani ($7) features a thick slab of chicken thigh, good for those with a bigger appetite. Pair the basmati rice with their curry for a piquant assam kick.

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Address: 5 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-04, Singapore 081005
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 10am to 3pm
Tel: 9389 2615
Ali Nachia Briyani Dam is a halal-certified eatery.

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4. Bismillah Biryani Restaurant

Image credit: @jillianeatss

Bismillah Biryani Restaurant first made waves in the local food scene when it was honoured with the Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2016. Today, this four-time Michelin-approved restaurant has five outlets to its name. Prices are on the steeper end, though the restaurant’s acclamations justify this hike.

Apart from the usual mutton and chicken options, Bismillah offers Grilled Fish Biryani ($12.50) too, which sees herb-baked fish alongside their signature briyani rice. Their inclusive menu also has a vegetarian biryani that goes for $8.50

Address: 50 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209379
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 8:45pm
Tel: 6935 1326
Bismillah Biryani Restaurant is not a halal-certified eatery, but is Muslim-owned.

5. Allauddin’s Biryani Pte Ltd

allauddin's briyani singapore
Image credit: @terenceongwh

Another Michelin-recommended briyani stall is Allauddin’s Biryani Pte Ltd, awarded with a Michelin Plate last year. Their Chicken Briyani goes for $6, starring aromatic basmati rice, alongside curried chicken, achar, pappadum, and a hard-boiled egg. They also have mutton and fish options, and you can top your briyani with sides like fried chicken and mutton cutlet, available from $1.50.

Address: 666 Buffalo Road, #01-232, Tekka Market and Food Centre, Singapore 210665
Opening hours: Daily 8am to 8pm
Tel: 6296 6786
Allauddin’s Biryani Pte Ltd is not a halal-certified eatery, but is Muslim-owned.

6. Global Mat Soul Kitchen

Image credit: @sylvestertf

There’s a shroud of mystery around Global Mat Soul Kitchen, an online briyani business that operates via a private Instagram account. You’ll have to send a follow request, and keep your eyes peeled for his IG stories, where he drops sporadic briyani sales. These are snapped up in seconds by ardent fans, who claim these are the best briyani in Singapore.

Global Mat Soul Kitchen’s briyani selection includes chicken, mutton, and even stingray, with prices ranging from $8 to $14. If you manage to secure an elusive packet, you’ll have to pick up on the specified evening at a void deck somewhere in Eunos.

Tel: 8550 2408
Global Mat Soul Kitchen is not a halal-certified eatery.

7. Sabeen Sara Prata And Briyani Stall

sabeen sara briyani singapore
Image credit: @foodieuncle

Tucked away in Telok Blangah Food Centre is Sabeen Sara Prata And Briyani Stall, a hidden gem for really good briyani in Singapore. My personal favourite is their Chicken Briyani ($5), with fluffy rice grains, chicken thigh, and a curry sauce that’s slightly tangy. Like most briyani stalls, they also feature a mutton selection that goes for $5.50.

If you’re not feeling the rice, get a side of Plain Prata ($1) to mop up all that curry!

Address: 79 Telok Blangah Drive, #01-07, Telok Blangah Food Centre, Singapore 100079
Opening hours: Thur-Tue 7am to 4pm
Tel: 9004 0587
Sabeen Sara Prata And Briyani Stall is not a halal-certified eatery, but is Muslim-owned.

8. Koothurar Nasi Briyani

Image credit: @hungryrayshoots

Known as the famous Beach Road briyani stall, Koothurar Nasi Briyani is an unassuming eatery, without even a signboard indicating their storefront. Their nasi briyani attracts long queues, selling out within hours of opening.

A crowd favourite is the Mutton Nasi Briyani ($6), with chunks of curried mutton sitting atop fragrant basmati grains. You can also have your briyani with chicken or fish, all of which come with crunchy pickled vegetables on the side.

Address: 17 Beach Road, #01-4705, Singapore 190017
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 11am to 2pm
Tel: 6392 5247
Koothurar Nasi Briyani is not a halal-certified eatery, but is Muslim-owned.

9. Geylang Briyani Stall

geylang briyani singapore
Image credit: @blueskiescottonclouds

Nestled within the Geylang Serai Market is Geylang Briyani Stall, a family-run business with over 50 years of heritage. They are famed for their Mutton Briyani ($6), served with hearty mutton chunks and luscious curry. Their briyani rice is said to be on the wetter side, though no less flavourful. If you’re feeling like something different, opt for the Briyani Ayam Goreng ($6), which differs from your regular version with its fried chicken feature.

Address: 1 Geylang Serai, #02-146, Geylang Serai Malay Market And Food Centre, Singapore 402001
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10:30am to 2:30pm
Tel: 9170 9700
Geylang Briyani Stall is not a halal-certified eatery, but is Muslim-owned.

10. Briyani 47

Image credit: @benda_me

Hidden away in the North is Briyani 47, opened by a young Bangladeshi chef who hopes to make briyani more suited for local palates. The curry here is made less spicy so that children can enjoy this dish too. Briyani 47 is said to sell out quickly, so head down early to avoid any disappointment.

Interestingly, their briyani selection features a Tofu Briyani ($4.50) that makes for a vegetarian-friendly option. Otherwise, their Mutton Briyani ($6.50) is a must-try, comprising mutton curry tossed with briyani rice.

Address: Yishun Ave 11, Blk 343, Singapore 760343
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 11:30am to 3:30pm
Tel: 8223 3224
Briyani 47 is not a halal-certified eatery, but is Muslim-owned.

Where to eat briyani in Singapore

The next time you’re feeling like briyani, look no further than our list for 10 briyani in Singapore, with XXL platters and Michelin-approved stalls that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

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