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Everybody loves a good deal. Fortunately, dining with ChopeDeals is never far away, with cost-saving hacks that help you maximise your dollars and cents. Here to help you for your next date night or two-person catch-up, are 10 1-for-1 deals that you can suss out, including a brand new Japanese eatery in Holland Village, and XL grilled meat platters!

1. Takeshi-San

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Takeshi-San is one of the newest openings in Holland Village, and has drawn crowds for their IG-worthy Kaidan Sets ($60.84), where your sushi is brought to you on a dramatic staircase-like structure. Take your pick of Aburi Mentai, Salmon, or go all out and order the namesake Takeshi Set, because ChopeDeals gets you two sets at $24.90 nett

If you’d prefer a don bowl, there’s also a voucher for two chirashi bowls at just $34.90 nett, a huge discount from the usual price of $77.22. We’d definitely recommend going for the Mini Premium Chirashi Don, or Mini Aburi Salmon Foie Gras Chirashi Don.

Get 1-for-1 Takeshi-San vouchers on ChopeDeals!

Address: 38 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277694
Tel: 6248 0886
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 3pm, 5:30pm to 10pm


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Singaporeans love their Western grills, and COLLIN’S slides right in with their comprehensive offerings of pastas, grilled meats, pizzas, and more. Here’s a great deal for cosy nights out─get two of COLLIN’S Signature Mixed Grill sets and Truffle Mushroom Soup at $30 nett on ChopeDeals, a whole 50% discount from the usual price of $60.84.

Get 1-for-1 COLLIN’S vouchers on ChopeDeals!

Full list of locations

3. Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot

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We visited Suki Suki Thai Hot Pot last year for their halal-certified hotpot buffet, which comes with unlimited meats and Thai-style hotpot soup bases. It was already worth it then, but ChopeDeals makes it even better with 1-for-1 Lunch and Dinner Buffets at just $21 nett, instead of $42 nett! This deal is only available till 31 March 2021, so make your hotpot date ASAP.

If you don’t make it for the end of March, there’s also a long-term promotion for Suki Suki Thai Hot Pot’s Thai Hot Pot Semi-Buffet. Get this on ChopeDeals for $11.90 nett rather than the usual price of $18.70++. Plus, you don’t have to find a plus one to enjoy this deal.

Get your 1-for-1 Suki Suki Thai Hot Pot voucher on ChopeDeals!

Website | Full list of locations

4. Gelatissimo

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The year-end monsoon has blown over, and Singapore’s regular sweltering weather is back. Cool yourself down with Gelatissimo’s artisan, freshly churned gelato, and get it at a steal with ChopeDeals’ voucher! The voucher allows you to get two Large Gelato Cones at $9.90 nett, which is half the usual price of $19.80. This works out to be $4.45 for each large cone of respite from the heat.

Get your 1-for-1 Gelatissimo voucher on ChopeDeals!

Website | Full list of locations

5. Potato Corner

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If you’ve been to the Philippines, you may have seen Potato Corner’s signature bright green kiosks around. Their French fries are dubbed “The World’s Best Flavoured Fries”, and they’re now discounted on ChopeDeals, retailing for $5.70 nett, instead of $11.40, for two bowls of Mega Fries

Get 1-for-1 Potato Corner vouchers on ChopeDeals!

Website | Full list of locations

6. Gong Cha

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Gong Cha needs no further introduction. The household name is also on ChopeDeals, where you can get a voucher to enjoy 1-for-1 Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J, usually priced at $8.80, at $4.40 nett. It’s not your regular bubble tea, featuring Gong Cha’s signature Earl Grey Milk Tea with pudding jelly, grass jelly, and the classic black tapioca pearls.

Get 1-for-1 Gong Cha vouchers on ChopeDeals!

Website | Full list of locations

7. The Carvery

the carvery
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Dining in hotels doesn’t have to be painful on the wallet with ChopeDeals’ vouchers. The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra is Singapore’s first dedicated carvery with a premium meat buffet. In view of current safety measures, it’s now available as an A La Carte Buffet, half-priced from $52.97 nett for the same variety of indulgent meats. 

If you’re not keen on the buffet, ChopeDeals also offers 1-for-1 Mains. This means you’ll be getting two main courses for $18.83 nett, with selections such as Wagyu Beef Burger and French Fries, Seafood Spaghetti, and Fish & Chips!

Get 1-for-1 deals for The Carvery on ChopeDeals!

Address: 323 Alexandra Road, Level 7, Park Hotel Alexandra, Singapore 159972
Tel: 6828 8880
Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm

8. Flash Coffee

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You may have seen people walking around the CBD with Flash Coffee’s bright yellow cups, so here’s your chance to get your hands on them at half price! With ChopeDeals’ one-for-one vouchers, you and a friend will be entitled to two coffees, lattes, shakes or upsized drinks at $6.80 nett, or $3.40 each. 

Get your 1-for-1 Flash Coffee vouchers on ChopeDeals!

Website | Full list of locations


milk 1-for-1 chopedeals
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MILK is a Muslim-owned bubble tea shop that is another recent opening in the Kampong Glam area. Their menu runs the range of classic bubble teas, including a Brown Sugar Brulee ($6.80) and Matcha Mascarpone ($6.80), to more novel creations. These include an Ice Kacang ($6.80) drink, inspired by the local dessert, and fruit-based drinks such as Watermelon Sugar ($6.80).

Get a ChopeDeals voucher, and be entitled to two of these drinks, among many others, for the price of one! Alternatively, you can also purchase a $10 cash voucher for $8 on Chope, which you can use on any item on the menu.

Get 1-for-1 MILK vouchers on ChopeDeals!

Address: 27 Arab Street, Singapore 199726
Tel: 8111 0583
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 12pm to 9pm, Fri-Sun 12pm to 12am

10. Pink Fish

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Healthy, seafood, fast food, and affordable are not typically words you’d string together. Pink Fish changes this with their sustainable and responsible menu. The Norwegian chain is now offering 1-for-1 deals for their Saba Teriyaki Bowl Set, exclusively available on ChopeDeals at $18.90 nett. You’ll be getting two bowls of saba teriyaki, along with two sides, and two drinks for under $20, instead of the regular price of $43.30!

If you’d prefer something other than the saba teriyaki set, you can also enjoy a discounted meal by purchasing a $15 cash voucher for just $12 on ChopeDeals as well.

Get 1-for-1 Pink Fish vouchers on ChopeDeals!

Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, #B1-261, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666
Tel: 6909 9771
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 11:30am to 9pm, Fri-Sun 11:30am to 10am

Enjoy 1-for-1 deals with ChopeDeals

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the ChopeDeals vouchers that are up for grabs. Be it bubble tea, dessert, buffets or hotpot, there are 1-for-1 deals for everyone. The next time you’re undecided about what to have, hike over to Chope and check out the options available. With more than 800 merchants partnered on the site, there’s bound to be something that catches your fancy.

Get more 1-for-1 ChopeDeals here!

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