Remember the good old days? Back in the day, buttercream cakes were a hit! Birthday cakes were mostly made with a light sponge, and decorated with a lot of creams! Memories will bring you back to flipping a photography album choosing a cake designed in your favourite cartoon characters with buttercream. We love it when the ratio of the cream is just a little bit more than the cake. Don’t you?

$1.60 Colorful Buttercream Cake In An Old School Bakery

Photo: Hui Yi Chua via Can Eat! Hawker Food (Facebook)

Recently, we have been walking down memory lane with some of our features. Indulge in rainbow loaves, traditional nyonya kueh, and even luncheon meat buns! Here’s another noteworthy old-school bakery. Located near 85 Fengshan Hawker, L.W. Cake Shop is famous for its rectangular buttercream cakes, among other baked treats like custard puffs, and doughnuts.

Photo: Elise Ng via Can Eat! Hawker Food (Facebook)

Highlighted by a netizen on Can Eat! Hawker Food on Facebook, L.W. Cake Shop has a good range of different types of buttercream cake. Cut into rectangles, these cakes are carefully designed with buttercream on top. The flavours are pretty simple, it appears to have the 90s famous flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, among other fruity flavours.

Photo: Elise Ng via Can Eat! Hawker Food (Facebook)

Perfect for the ‘gram, these buttercream cakes are only priced at $1.60 each. It is no wonder that people will buy a box full of these buttercream cakes. Apart from cakes, L.W. Bakery has several other baked goods, too. It is mentioned that the custard puffs are affordable. It only costs $2 for seven pieces. Wow! Another netizen also noted that the doughnuts from L.W. Bakery are pretty sensational. Take a bite?

Photo: Hui Yi Chua via Can Eat! Hawker Food (Facebook)
Photo: Hui Yi Chua via Can Eat! Hawker Food (Facebook)

You will also find $1 buns right here. Chilli Prawn, Curry Potato, and Chicken Floss are just some of the fillings. It’s perfect for tea-time treats!

Make Your Way To Dabao At L.W. Cake Shop

Address: 84 Bedok North Street 4, Singapore 460084

Operating Hours: Daily except for Monday, 6:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

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