Ducking Good is a new duck restaurant in Geylang

Ducking Good, a new restaurant in Geylang, takes the idea of a duck speciality restaurant to new levels.

Equipped with more than 10 different ways of preparing a duck—confit, frying, roasting, salting and more—Ducking Good promises a quacking good time, or so it seems on paper.

To find out if the fare here is really “ducking good”, a colleague and I dropped by the restaurant to give it a shot.

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Food at Ducking Good

We started with the Double Ducking Platter ($39++). Featuring braised and herbal roasted duck, I thought this would make for a good introduction to the more conventional duck dishes at this restaurant.

Slow-cooked till it achieved a soft, succulent texture, the braised duck was very pleasant to eat. The soy sauce it was infused with added a subtle savoury kick, and fried garlic bits on top added some crunch and fragrance. Overall, this was a well-balanced duck dish.

And while the roasted duck was also mostly soft and flavourful, it had one flaw. Its sweet herbal marinade got cloying quite quickly, and with the fatty meat contributing further to that jelakness, I found myself reaching for the braised duck more often instead.

Up next was the Crispy Spiced Confit Duck Leg ($13.90++). As its name suggests, this is Ducking Good’s rendition of the popular French dish.

While I liked its crispy, crackling skin that came with addictive spicy notes, I was let down by the texture of the duck itself. Although the meat was soft, it was also much too dry, to the point where I felt like a sip of tea was needed to make it more tolerable.

I took no issue with the texture of the next dish: the Braised Duck Claypot Porridge ($9.90++). The smooth, silky porridge, coupled with the soft pieces of duck, helped this dish go down very easily.

In terms of flavour, this dish as a whole was a tad bland. But considering all the rich flavours that came from the other dishes we tried, this simple duck porridge was a welcome change of pace.

The final duck dish we tried was the Shi Quan Tonic Duck Soup ($13.90++). Those who like their herbal soups incredibly robust will enjoy this dish, but there’s a chance that others may find it a bit too bitter. The latter was what I felt, even though I enjoyed the fatty flavour of duck that was present in each sip.

Ducking Good also offers a few non-duck dishes, such as the Chilled Cucumber ($3.90++) and the Thai Sweet Chilli Tofu ($9.90++). While these weren’t particularly delectable, they’re decent options if you want some sides as a break from all that duck.

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Ambience at Ducking Good

Ducking Good has simple but spacious interiors that can fit large groups quite easily. If you’re bringing friends or family to try the fare, you’d be able to dine in relative comfort thanks to the eatery’s somewhat comfortable layout. In order to get here, you’ll have to take a six-minute walk from Aljunied MRT Station.

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The verdict

If you’re a fan of duck, you’re likely to enjoy Ducking Good. While not every dish is perfect, the standout selections will definitely satisfy your cravings.

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Address: 487 Geylang Road, Singapore 389446
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 9:30pm
Tel: 8814 8366
Ducking Good is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Maisie Chong.
This was a media tasting at Ducking Good.

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