More reason to add a little sweetness to your day with a finely crafted cake from 1 to 7 October, celebrate our Star Vista outlet anniversary by enjoying 20% off Whole Cakes of any flavour!

Go on, pick from our crowd pleasing centrepieces and place your orders at The Star Vista #B1-37C:

🫐 Fruit Charlotte: Irresistibly fruity
🍫 Guanaja: Chocolatey and luscious
🌷 Lavender Earl Grey: Floral and indulgent
🥭 Mango Mousse: Lusciously sweet & sour
🌰 Mont Blanc: Sweet and nutty
☕ Tiramisu: Richly coffee-infused
🍓 Strawberry Shortcake: Light and fluffy
🍪 Cookies N Cream: Rich and creamy
🍊 Yuzu Cheese Cake: Refreshingly tangy

  • Available in-store, at The Star Vista outlet.
  • Available for 5″ to 12″ whole cakes.

No Coupon/Promo code needed.

Sourced from Rive Gauche.