Eat Rich is an underrated bakery in Raffles Place with fresh pastries

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We love uncovering hidden gem bakeries in all parts of Singapore—there’s Dough in Jungle in Tampines, Chang Ji Bing Jia in Clementi and many others. Another one to add to the list is Eat Rich, an under-the-radar bakery at Raffles Place MRT Station.

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The bakery offers a wide range of fresh pastries, with unique picks such as Coffee Tau Sar Piah ($1.30), alongside conventional bakes of Portuguese Egg Tart ($2.20) and Lao Po Bing ($2.20) AKA wife’s biscuit. What’s more, you can save when you buy more—the $1.30 items are priced at $5 for six, while the $2.20 bakes go at $10 for five.

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There’s also Chicken Char Shao (price TBD) for those who want something more filling. These look somewhat similar to Malaysian brand Kee Mei Siew Pow‘s version, except that the filling uses chicken instead of pork.

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The Croissant Egg Tart ($3.80) is another unique creation. This pastry looks like a zhnged-up, taller version of the Portuguese egg tart. It’s said to have a generous amount of smooth custard filling, paired with flaky, buttery layers on the outside. You can snag them at a small discount when you buy three for $10.

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There’s also the Yam Puff ($2.20), which looks absolutely delicious especially if you’re a fan of orh nee flavours. This bake spotlights a sweet and creamy yam paste tucked within puff pastry dough, baked till golden and crispy on the outside. Grab this if you chance upon it, as it’s said to sell out fast!

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Eat Rich is a takeaway-only kiosk that’s in Basement 1 of Raffles Place MRT Station. There’s no information on their opening hours, but we’ll update this story when we get more details.

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Address: 5 Raffles Place, #B1-54 MRT Station, Singapore 048618
Opening hours: TBD
Eat Rich is not a halal-certified eatery.

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