Pizza Hut has new Army Stew Pizza

If you love army stew, and you love pizza, here’s your chance to enjoy both, together: Pizza Hut has announced the launch of their new limited-edition Army Stew Pizza, available till 9 November 2023. 

The pizza easily feeds two to four. It sees Pizza Hut’s signature ultra-cheesy stuffed crust topped with a spicy tomato sauce, and classic army stew ingredients such as cheese, chicken luncheon meat, chewy tteokbokki, kimchi, and naturally, ramyeon. This is definitely a guilty indulgence best enjoyed with the gang as you watch a K-drama or two. 

This launch comes alongside other exclusive Korean bites by Pizza Hut.

First of all, there’s the savoury Kimchi Beef Pepproni Melts (from $9.90) with a Hot Jjang dip, and Cheesy Kimchi Hawaiian Tteokbokki ($10.60). The former is very similar to a quesadilla, albeit with softer bread instead of a tortilla. Inside, you get heaps of melted gooey cheese, beef pepperoni pieces, and morsels of tart kimchi.

The Cheesy Kimchi Hawaiian Tteokbokki is a must-have for fans of sweet-salty combos. The chewy tteokbokki is served in a bed of cheesy kimchi sauce, studded with juicy pineapple cubes that bring on the sweetness.

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As part of the product launch, Pizza Hut is offering a deal where you can get the Regular Army Stew Pizza for only $19.90 when you order with the code ‘DAEBAK’. This promotion is available for takeaway and dining in. This deal is only available till 24 September 2023

If you’re a sucker for fast food brand merch, note that Pizza Hut is also selling an exclusive pillow and blanket decorated with the Army Stew Pizza design for $12.90 each, though this is while stocks last. You can order this via the Pizza Hut website.

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Pizza Hut is a halal-certfied eatery.

Photos taken by Melvin Mak.
This was a media drop from Pizza Hut.

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