Mihrimah Restaurant has bird’s nest roti prata in Bugis

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If you love roti prata and sunny-side-ups, you’ll want in on this. Mihrimah Restaurant is a popular eatery along North Bridge Road selling Malaysian-style roti canai sarang burung, also known as bird’s nest roti.


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Over at the Bugis prata spot, this Malaysian-inspired dish is called Roti Ikhwan ($3). Each serving features the eatery’s signature roti canai dough rolled into a ring, and then fried. Two eggs are cracked into the middle to cook together with the dough. Do note that Mihrimah Restaurant uses roti canai instead of our usual roti prata: the former, which is from Malaysia, is said to be thinner, softer, and flakier than the latter.

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Each portion comes with a serving of curry and house-made sambal, which is said to be made with ikan bilis. Some like to burst into the yolk and mix everything together, while others prefer consuming the yolk whole. Whichever camp you belong to, you’re guaranteed a satisfying meal that combines the creamy eggs with the crispy roti canai and sweet sambal.

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If you want something simpler, go for their plain Roti Canai, which goes for just $1 apiece!

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They’re also known for their nasi padang, which comes with a huge assortment of sides to choose from, including Ayam Goreng ($2), Sotong Sambal ($3), and Ikan Asam Pedas ($4). Don’t forget to round off your meal with an order of Teh Tarik ($1.50)!

The casual eatery is a 10-minute walk from Jalan Besar and Bugis MRT Stations.

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Address: 742 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198710
Opening hours: Daily 7:30am to 9pm
Tel: 9019 7846
Mihrimah Restaurant is a halal-certified eatery.

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