McDonald’s x New Jeans has limited-edition K-Sweet & Spicy Chicken

K-pop fans, it’s time to head to the golden arches tomorrow! Come 2 November 2023, McDonald’s is launching their all-new, limited-edition K-Sweet & Spicy Chicken, a totally new, Korean-inspired creation that’s a collaborative effort between McDonald’s and the South Korean girl group New Jeans.

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If you’re already a fan of McD’s Chicken McCrispy, here’s some good news for you: the fried chicken has seen an upgrade, and is now cooked with a new, even better formulation! What this means for you is even juicier, even crispier fried chicken.

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Then, because Korean fried chicken ain’t Korean fried chicken without that saucy glaze, the K-Sweet & Spicy Chicken comes coated in McDonald’s and New Jeans’ specially created sweet and spicy glazed sauce.

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The good news doesn’t end there: McDonald’s Crisscut Fries are making a return! Get your K-Sweet & Spicy McCrispy at $7.05 for the a la carte option, and from $9.25 for an Extra Value Meal.

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This McDonald’s x New Jeans collab also sees a brand-new drink hitting the McD’s menu: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Frappe (from $1.20). In line with McDonald’s recent announcement that they’re taking away the whipped cream from all their drinks, this new frappe will not be topped with that delight.

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Of course, as with previous collaborations, this McDonald’s and New Jeans pairing comes with limited-ed merch, as well as branded packaging featuring Bunni prints. Plus, there’s even a dance challenge for you to walk away with special gifts too.

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