Liang Ji has hum-loaded char kway teow in Telok Blangah

Liang Ji is not your typical hawker stall. It gets its fame from zhng-ing up their char kway teow (CKT) with lots of hum, and when I mean lots, it’s loaded up to perhaps 40 cockles! Not only that, they also offer a variety of other unique CKT flavours for you to try.

Liang Ji, solely managed by Chef Dominic Neo, has faced their fair share of challenges. They have relocated as many as five times due to problems with rental costs and foot traffic. Fortunately, thanks to Dominic’s unwavering determination, they have settled in Telok Blangah, where they serve their creative twists on local dishes such as CKT and carrot cake. Notably, in 2017, their intriguing Cheesy Floss Carrot Cake ($6/$8) earned them a spot in the top 10 list of Singapore Food Masters in the East Zone. 

Sad to say, we didn’t get the chance to try their unique carrot cake flavours this time around because they were already sold out. Nonetheless, we were still pretty pumped to try their never-before-seen Humful CKT and Mala CKT.

Food at Liang Ji

Without further ado, we started with the dish that went viral━Humful Char Kway Teow ($8/$12)━a plate of wok hei-infused noodles with loads of fresh blood cockles slapped on top.

As someone who doesn’t typically eat cockles, I was taken aback by the staggering amount piled atop the noodles—they literally formed a miniature mountain. Surprisingly, the briny taste of the cockles weren’t overwhelmingly strong. Instead, they were rather tender and slightly sweet. My cockle-loving friend also thoroughly enjoyed the dish and found it to be fresh and juicy!

For first-timers, perhaps it’d be better if you request to have the cockles and noodles stir-fried together to make it more palatable.

Cockles aside, I appreciated the robust smoky flavour imparted by the wok hei, which remained prominent throughout! Coupled with the plump and chewy texture of the cockles, it created a good textural contrast.

If the spice in your order isn’t enough, go ahead and help yourself to more spoonfuls of chilli to bring on the heat!

I couldn’t wait to try their Mala Fried Kway Teow ($5/$7). Despite its unassuming appearance, the unmistakable smell of mala hit me as soon as it was served.

As a fan of mala, I must say this mala fusion dish was well-executed. The wide kway teow noodles were a great substitute for the thick, sweet potato vermicelli we often have with mala. The rice noodles were evenly tossed in the sauce, and absorbed the mala flavours really well.

Fair warning though, the spice gradually builds up after a few bites, so be prepared with a drink or two to cool your palate if needed. There’s also quite a substantial amount of hums in this dish too. If you’re not a fan, feel free to request to have none instead.

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Ambience at Liang Ji

Liang Ji is situated in the 78A Telok Blangah L2 Coffee Shop, just an eight-minute walk from Telok Blangah MRT Station. The stall is easy to spot, with its brightly lit yellow menu and Dominic’s iconic yellow attire.

There’s a long stretch of stalls in this coffee shop, offering a wide variety of food options, and the tables are spaced apart comfortably. It’s worth noting that some reviews have mentioned that the quality of the food might not be at its best during peak hours. So, I’d recommend visiting during non-peak hours, as we did.

The verdict

I love it when stalls get creative with their food, so I would definitely recommend giving Liang Ji a try at least once for their interesting CKT and carrot cake variations. Plus, it’s always a pleasure to support someone who pours their heart into creating new combinations that people would enjoy! I’ll certainly return to try their carrot cakes, as for the cockles, I’ll bring my hum-loving friends along and stick with the mala flavour for myself.

If you’re craving more CKT, check out our guide to the best CKT stalls in Singapore. Otherwise, for more food options in the area, visit Telok Blangah Crescent Food Centre.

Address: 78A Telok Blangah Street 32, #02-01, Singapore 101078
Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am to 8pm
Tel: 8226 5585
Liang Ji is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Melvin Mak.
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