Hung Huat Cakes And Pastries is an old-school bakery in Aljunied

Hung Huat Cakes & Pastries, which used to be a hidden gem, is now a pretty famous old-school bakery in Sims Vista Market & Food Centre. They often sell out of their CNY goodies and Teochew-style orh nee mooncakes each season!

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For non-Easties, here’s the lowdown on the popular hawker bakery: they started in 1978 as a min jiang kueh stall, before the second generation of owners took over and added handmade pastries to the spread. Today, they’re handing the ropes to their son, who left his job in the education sector to learn their craft and keep their legacy alive.

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They’re most well-known for their Tau Sar Piah ($4 for five), which enclose sweet or savoury mung bean paste within flaky layers of pastry.

Similarly, Hung Huat Cakes & Pastries also sells Wife Biscuit ($3.50 for three) and savoury Husband Cake ($3.50 for three), as well as Sun Cake ($4 for three)—AKA popular Taiwanese pastry 太阳饼 (tài yáng bǐng), filled with a sweet milk filling. These are vegetarian- and Muslim-friendly!

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When they opened orders for the Mid-Autumn Festival earlier this year, they sold out so quickly of their Teo Chew Crispy Skin Mooncake (from $10) that they had to bake limited, last-minute batches up till the day of the festival. Demand was such that they took preorders post-festival, for everyone who hadn’t managed to secure some before.

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Think alternating layers of lavender-tinged and beige flaky pastry wrapped around a smooth, house-made orh nee filling.

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Choose to have it with or without a salted egg yolk within. That’s not all: the purple pastry contains yam in its dough too!

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Another traditional delight you can find at Hung Huat Cakes & Pastries is 朥糕, or La-Gor (from $6)—a super old-school Teochew steamed mooncake that can be described as a black sesame mochi cake.

With mochi being all the rage, they’ve now introduced two new mochi-centred items. The first, based off the orh nee mooncake, is Hokkaido Milk Mochi x Signature Teochew Orh Nee, which is a flatter version of the mooncake, containing both the yam paste and a layer of house-made Hokkaido milk mochi. This retails for $7 a pop, or $40 a box of six.

They’ve also incorporated this same mochi in Hokkaido Milk Mochi x Black Sesame Paste, a charcoal pastry stuffed with BSSM paste and mochi. The BSSM paste is said to be lower in sugar! These go for $8, or $46 for six.

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It’s hard to walk away from the stall with just one or two items—they also have Ondeh Ondeh ($3 for four)Pumpkin Kueh ($3 for four)Huat Kueh ($9)Kueh Lapis ($40) and more, made with all-natural ingredients.

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Come Chinese New Year, fans go wild for their Pineapple Tarts (from $15), starring house-made pineapple paste that’s neither too sweet nor sour, Love Letters (from $16), Green Pea Cookies ($15), Manuka honey Kuey Bu-Ru ($12) and all the festive goodies you might need. Last year, they started selling CNY cookies in October, so one can hope that they’ll be available soon ahead of next year!

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Address: Block 49 Sims Place, #01-48, Sims Vista Market & Food Centre, Singapore 380049
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 7am to 4pm
Tel: 9651 4902
Hung Huat Cakes & Pastries is not a halal-certified eatery

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