Stir fried cauliflowers with mushrooms and edamame beans

Health is very important at any age. Being a foodie , i have always loved trying new food and snacks . At the same time , there are days i have to practice a little more self control compared to a non-foodie to eat well , eat clean and eat healthy.

This dish of stir fried , lightly salted cauliflowers is simple yet tasty and nutritional . Rich in vitamins , folate and helps to stabilize our blood sugar is very important.

It is a simple dish that took me less than 15 minutes to prepare and cook. It is one of my favourite healthy dishes. It may look bland but it definitely isn’t. Having the crunch from the cauliflower and adamame beans is just addictive.

Seasoning is just a very basic use of cooking oil, salt and sugar for my cooking. So it is great for everyone of all age groups. This dish perhaps cost about $2.00 which can feed 2 pax satisfyingly. Definitely an easy recipe while juggling between work and meals while working from home.

Cheers 🙂

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