Sunday is always the best day for Brunch , Big Breakfast , Luxurious Breakfast or whatever else you would call it .

I love the hot, crispy and tasty roti prata . So why not whip up my favourite dishes together.

Here is my prata Sandwich which has my favourite hashbrowns (Farms Brand) , sweet corn omelette and my Homemade pork patty as my mains.

Nowadays, we always talk about eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle, so I topped it up with some cucumber salad and sauteed vegetables with shitake mushrooms .

And Poof ! My prata Sandwich breakfast is done in 30 mins .

So I would say , this is a fusion mix of Indian , western and Chinese cuisine all in one plate and they blend perfectly delicious together.

So what’s your style of Sunday breakfast / brunch?

Cheers 🙂

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